A little something for Brazilian wax clients to take home!

What little freebies do you offer to your new clients when they come to see you for a Brazilian wax?

I really like the idea of buying knickers in bulk from a wholesale company so you can offer each new Brazilian waxing client a little something for them to take home, or to wear straight after their wax!  On average when you buy in bulk you can get a pair of knickers for $1.50!

Because our clients are all different shapes and sizes, buying in bulk means you can also select different sizes and different styles!

It’s the thought that counts and makes you memorable in the new clients eyes and it also works as a reminder when they see them swinging on the washing line or tumbling in the dryer that another waxing appointment might be due!

Now, I just have to think of a little something for the male species to take home with them!  Ideas anybody?


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