Are you a Cosmetologist that offers lash tinting to your clients?

In the state of California a Cosmetologist can perform lash and brow tinting on their clients.  Are you offering this to your clients?

I have been noticing a trend over the last few months where more Cosmetologists that come and take a waxing class with me in Orange County are also wanting to add some lash and brow tinting into their class time, so they can add more strings to their bow!  Heck if you have the license that covers all the different aspects, why not offer it on your list of services.

Doing a lash tint on a client only takes approximately 20 minutes and is extra cash in your pocket!

Go for it!   Utilize your license as much as you can to grow your business over this coming year!

Lash Tinting classes in Orange County

Lash Tinting classes in Orange County

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