Are you listening to me?

Are you listening?  I mean are you really listening to your friends and your family or are you listening with one ear open, but your brain is already spinning it’s wheels trying to think of what to add to the conversation before the person has even finished?  The chances are that if you find yourself doing this on many an occasion, you are also probably doing it with clients!

Ironically, I was noticing this more and more, but thought quite possibly that it was me, being a typical Virgo (and if you know Virgo’s…you know we get quite upset by people that don’t listen!)  But one day when I was doing my usual networking online, I noticed a comment that Shelley Hancock had mentioned about her experience during the Las Vegas Trade show where people were just not listening!   Thank God … it’s not just me and I can now put Virgo back in her box!

As most of you know I teach advanced waxing classes to Estheticians.  I teach wax classes all over the U.S, but I am also available in some cases for phone calls from troubled and frustrated Estheticians that have dilemmas about waxing!  Don’t get me wrong, I ‘love’ to help people, but I am noticing more and more that as soon as I am asked a question and I open my little mouth to produce the answer, the person in question is not listening but stood on tippy toes, eager to ask a new question or question the one that I am trying to answer without waiting for me to finish!  Exhausted yet?  I am!!   Or I should say I am, when this is happening!

I mention quite a few times in both of my books on waxing that we have to remember we have ‘Two ears and one mouth for a reason!”

Don't wear this as part of your Esthetician uniform!

Don’t wear this as part of your Esthetician uniform!

Please, pay attention to how you listen to people, practice flapping both of your ears, nodding your head in agreement and waiting for the person to finish before you fire on all cylinders with your input.  Try it and if you find it quite difficult, then this is an area that definitely needs improvement in your life.

I say this with all kindness because if we don’t practice this and make it a vital part of our personality we will lose clients.  Clients love to be heard (who doesn’t) I mean let’s face it, how can you be a good salesperson and send your client home with the correct products if you are not listening to what they need?

Thanks for listening!!

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