As a waxologist, have YOU had a Brazilian wax?

Have you ever had a Brazilian wax?   The reason that I ask this is just recently I have taught at least a dozen one on one private waxing classes in the last few months in Orange County where at least half of my Esthetician students that came to my location for a waxing class has never had a Brazilian wax!  Yup, that is right, they have never had a Brazilian wax themselves before!!!

One lovely Esthetician that I taught a waxing class too, came to take a full body waxing class with me all the way from Minneapolis and not one part of her body has ever been waxed before….EVER!

All of the students took direction really well in their wax class and I am sure they will continue to improve their waxing skills as they get more practice, but I would strongly suggest that you should get a wax yourself somewhere on your body if you are to continue waxing clients.

Experiencing good waxers and bad waxers gives you more insight into how it should be done or not be done.

We all learn from each other and not just from the waxing class that we choose to invest our money into.

So get yourself out there and go experience what your client is feeling!




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