Belly Button Waxing!

One of my favorite parts of waxing a man’s hairy chest and belly is waxing the belly button!   I save this part for last!!

Have you ever when using your strip wax applied the soft wax and with small strips of paper try to get into his belly button by curving and twisting the paper inside, but to no avail…the belly button hair stay’s put and you need to dive back in again to remove the stragglers with your tweezers?

Well now all you need to do is…..  apply a really small amount of pre-wax oil into his belly button as belly button’s can be dry with flaky bits of skin which we don’t want to remove.  Removing belly button skin can result in a sore, inflamed button, so be kind to it!

Using your popsicle stick and some hard wax has never been easier!   Use a small amount of hard wax on the popsicle stick and plunge it into his belly button, wait for  a wee while for the wax to dry, then pull!   Voila!   A smooth hairless belly button!!

Never met a man yet that doesn’t giggle when I do this!

belly button wax

I used “Pumpkin Pie” Wax during this wax class


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