Who is Claire?

Claire Barnes Waxing Educator

Claire is an Author, Educator and Business Executive.  Trained in Europe, she has authored two instructional books for cosmetology professionals entitled, “The British Aestheticians Guide to Waxing the Twigs and Berries” and “The British Aestheticians Guide to Waxing the Lady Garden”. The books are comprehensive guides designed to teach professional estheticians the proper techniques for waxing so that they can provide the highest quality services to grow their businesses. In addition to writing, she also uses her vast experience to teach a variety of waxing classes in Orange County, California and she can also travel to your location for private instruction!

What started out as a ‘brief’ protocol document for new hires where she worked, eventually grew into this easy to read, and sometimes “cheeky”, esthetician book! Claire’s friendly and bubbly personality comes through along with the British sense of humor.

Claire has experience working in a diverse range of spa and salon environments, and has a strong desire to help others succeed. This made the writing of these esthetician books fun, but also challenging, as her key focus was to transmit her high level of professionalism successfully to her readers – but with the British sense of humor still in tact!

Claire is the mother of 2 teenagers, which keeps her on her toes and brings new and sometimes daunting challenges to her life each and every day!

If a day passes by where Claire isn’t challenged or finds laughter in something, then her motto is, “I might as well be dead”!

 ” Our industry should be professional, but stuffy it is not!!”

To purchase Claire’s cosmetology books, be sure to visit the following pages:

The British Aestheticians Guide To Waxing The Twigs & Berries

The British Aestheticians Guide To Waxing The Lady Garden