Brazilian waxing that went wrong ….

Below is a ‘pasted’ email from a student that is taking a waxing class with me on Monday in Orange County.  Evidently from her email that you will see below, some drama went on in her waxing room.   Kuddos to her for deciding that NOW is the time to take a class!  Initially she did want to take the class within days of contacting me, but due to my busy waxing class schedule, she had to wait to take her wax class at least one month later.

So, don’t be that Esthetician that has an issue in the waxing room …. some clients are not very forgiving!


Apologies for the belated reply. I am very interested in taking the class as I desperately need it!  My last Brazilian appointment ended with my client angrily ripping at her own pubes with her bare hands and a very apologetic refund.

Help! Is it possible to schedule the class for this upcoming week?  I’d like to take the four hour class.


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Thank you to previous students that took a waxing class in Orange County!

I am just writing this quick blog so I can share my gratitude with previous students that took the plunge, initiated further training to improve their waxing skills and contacted me so we could begin their Brazilian waxing journey!

A lot of students are very nervous prior to taking a waxing class with me (so they inform me!) but my job as your waxing teacher is to put your mind at ease and to make you feel at home the minute you walk through my door!  Reviews that have been left by previous students indicate I get top marks in that department ….. *patting myself on the back*.

This is one of the reasons why I ‘love’ to teach private one on one waxing classes to students in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego (or wherever you fly me out to train you!!) so we can have that intimate class room setting that you are paying me for.

Thank you to those lovely darlings that took the time to leave me a review on Yelp…I know doing these things sometimes, requires effort.  Your effort is appreciated!  Thank you!

So get your waxing spatula’s at the ready and let’s give a ‘high five’ to some of my students that actually let me take pics of them during their waxing class!wax12


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Do you wear gloves when you wax?

As most of you know (or should know) we always wear gloves when waxing our clients. If you are not sure why an Esthetician should wear gloves during a waxing service, then you can read an older blog that I wrote a while ago about the importance of wearing gloves during a waxing service.

When I am teaching waxing classes to Estheticians and they are new to waxing, they tend to go through several pairs of gloves due to getting sticky, or some students are nervous and they sweat so they keep changing gloves.

Putting on a new pair of gloves with sweaty, clammy hands causes problems and slows down the waxing service.

Simply, dry your hands with a clean towel, dust them over lightly with some powder and watch those gloves slide onto the paws like silk!


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Waxing around the ankle

Hello, my lovely waxologists!

I have been teaching a lot of full body waxing classes over the last few months and not just Brazilian waxing!  More and more Estheticians are graduating from beauty school with so little knowledge of just the basics…so I usually start the waxing class by teaching them a basic leg wax and then we go into the trickier areas such as chest waxing and arm waxing!

A brief topic that I want to cover today is on  ’waxing around the ankle’.

Get the clients foot into the position as demonstrated in the picture to make waxing around this area easier for yourself and also for the client.

Keeping the ankle in this position helps keep the skin taut and allows you to get into the grooves either side of the ankle bone!

*Tip:  Don’t forget if the client has dry skin around this area, the last thing you want to do is to remove skin with hair…so apply a ‘tiny’ bit of oil over the dry areas to protect the skin.  Also if the skin is really dry, then sometimes the wax sticks to the skin and doesn’t come off as easily.  Using oil will help with this!



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Ok, I know this is gross …..

When my students during their wax class pull out the hair by the root as opposed to breaking it off at the surface, I like to show them the little black bulbs at the end of the hair!

When you see those little black bulbs you know you applied the hard wax firmly and removed the hard wax by keeping it as parallel to the skin as possible!  This leaves behind smooth, baby soft skin with no prickly broken hairs that you have to go and haul out with your tweezers!

Check out this beauty!


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Are you a Cosmetologist that offers lash tinting to your clients?

In the state of California a Cosmetologist can perform lash and brow tinting on their clients.  Are you offering this to your clients?

I have been noticing a trend over the last few months where more Cosmetologists that come and take a waxing class with me in Orange County are also wanting to add some lash and brow tinting into their class time, so they can add more strings to their bow!  Heck if you have the license that covers all the different aspects, why not offer it on your list of services.

Doing a lash tint on a client only takes approximately 20 minutes and is extra cash in your pocket!

Go for it!   Utilize your license as much as you can to grow your business over this coming year!

Lash Tinting classes in Orange County

Lash Tinting classes in Orange County

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How to avoid bruising a client around the bikini area.

How many Estheticians have ever bruised a client during a bikini wax?  I am sure quite a few of you have at some point in your waxing career.  I know I have, especially during my first year or so out of beauty school, when I wasn’t as experienced as I am now.

It is awful when it happens and it is very embarrassing.   Once you have bruised the client, the bruise appears immediately and it resembles a hickey.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

1. The skin was not kept taut during the waxing removal.

2. You used soft wax in this area that was too thick.

3. You didn’t tuck your fingers ‘under’ the tendon when you removed the wax.

Bruising happens more frequently when using soft wax in this area.  I always use hard wax in this area, but I understand some of you are employee’s and don’t always get a say in what wax is to be used in your room.

If you are using soft wax around this area,  always tuck your fingers under the tendon before you remove the wax.  You can also get the client to assist you by having her hold her thigh tightly (this is especially important if your client is heavier set).  Tucking your finger ‘under’ the tendon takes the pressure off this sensitive area and will help to avoid bruising!

The tendon is the area that extends from your bikini line down towards your inner thigh.  It feels like a ridge.  Tucking under the ridge is what takes the pressure off.

Now go wax those bikini’s….spring is nearly here!!


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Easy does it around the hairy nipple!

A lot of my Esthetician students that come take a private one on one waxing class with me, get scared when I am teaching them a chest wax and they panic when it comes to waxing around the nipple!

You will never remove the whole nipple during a chest wax, but you can certainly irritate it, leaving it a bit tender!

After you have used a ‘tiny’ bit of oil to protect the tender skin, apply the wax very thinly and use a clean strip to remove the wax.  If the wax application is too thick or if your waxing strip is too heavy it will just put too much pressure on the skin causing irritation.  So keep your soft wax application really thin and avoid heavy waxing strips that are caked in soft wax.

You can also avoid using soft/strip wax in this area and just use hard wax.  Remember hard wax shrink wraps around hair and doesn’t touch the skin per se.  So if you have both kinds of waxes in your waxing room, opt for the hard wax around this area instead, especially if the client is a first timer and has overly sensitive skin.  I like to teach my students using both hard and soft wax, so they can see the difference.


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Waxing the neck area without strangling your client!

I am getting more and more Estheticians and Cosmetologists that are wanting to learn full body waxing each month as opposed to just learning how to do a Brazilian wax.

So, I like to start off with teaching them how to do a chest wax on a client rather than a back wax.   Once you have mastered a chest wax during your waxing class, then a back wax is a walk in the park!

The trickiest part during a chest wax is removing the stubborn grey hairs and the hairs around the neck area.

The skin has to be kept as taut as possible in the neck area, with the client tilting his chin up to the ceiling to make life easier for yourself and for him of course!  If the skin isn’t kept taut in the neck area you can pull at the skin, causing a big hickey on the side of his neck!  Not sure how he will explain that one easily to his significant other!!

Place your fingers either side of his Adam’s Apple so you don’t block his airways and pull the skin up towards his face. If the skin is extra loose and wrinkly more pressure will be needed.  You can also have him move his head to the opposite side from where you are working to help keep the skin taut also!

Happy waxing!


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Do you have problems when removing hard wax?

If you are new to using hard wax and you have issues with creating a thicker edge  … by ”gently” using your spatula you can create a quick “flick n lift” for easier removal just like my waxing student did in the video below.

If you still have issues when removing hard wax and don’t like this method maybe you would like to try some of these? Hard wax tabs are loved by newbies and can be found in my online shop!

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