Brazilian waxing that went wrong ….

Below is a ‘pasted’ email from a student that is taking a waxing class with me on Monday in Orange County.  Evidently from her email that you will see below, some drama went on in her waxing room.   Kuddos to her for deciding that NOW is the time to take a class!  Initially she did want to take the class within days of contacting me, but due to my busy waxing class schedule, she had to wait to take her wax class at least one month later.

So, don’t be that Esthetician that has an issue in the waxing room …. some clients are not very forgiving!


Apologies for the belated reply. I am very interested in taking the class as I desperately need it!  My last Brazilian appointment ended with my client angrily ripping at her own pubes with her bare hands and a very apologetic refund.

Help! Is it possible to schedule the class for this upcoming week?  I’d like to take the four hour class.


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