Control Corrective meets LilBrit of Wax!

I had the pleasure a few years ago of connecting with Ellen Clark, who is the founder and CEO of  Control Corrective.    Ellen is an inspiration to all Estheticians and she loves to help technicians within the industry be successful!  Not to mention she has an amazing skin care line and a great team of staff that are at your fingertips willing to help you with any questions that you might have about her line!

Ellen has taken it upon herself to create a “Spa Savvy Series” where she will be conducting a series of interviews with educators like myself, skin care guru’s, and anybody “savvy” within the Esthetician industry that can bring to you their knowledge and helpful resources to make you become the best Esthetician that you intend to be!   You are only as good as your intention allows!

With the help of the internet and more and more women willing to help other women in business grow, I hope you take it upon yourself to learn from the experts in the field and keep watching out for more interviews with the lovely Ellen Clark herself!

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