Do you trim before you wax?

Good question and this is a question that I was asked yesterday whilst I was teaching a waxing class in Newport Beach.  I do get asked this question a lot by my waxing students.   I did write a blog on this very topic a while back which can be found here.   But one comment that I failed to mention in my previous blog as to why I feel it is important to trim before you wax the bikini area is because of skin tags!  Have you ever waxed away like a  beaver (no pun intended) only to find you waxed over a skin tag removing it as you removed the hair?   Well, If you ever have like I once did, you will never want to remove one again!    Can we say “just like a scene from Hannibal Lecture?”


I had a lovely client a few weeks ago that was practically begging me to wax over her skin tag, so I could remove it for her as her Dermatologist was charging her an outrageous fee for removal.  I declined.   Removing skin tags is horrendous and even though you may have some “oopsie powder” on hand to slow down the bleeding, the trauma in itself is enough for me to trim that hair down so I can see any hidden skin tags, STD’s or any other contraindication that is hiding in the bush!



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