Do you wear gloves when you wax?

As most of you know (or should know) we always wear gloves when waxing our clients. If you are not sure why an Esthetician should wear gloves during a waxing service, then you can read an older blog that I wrote a while ago about the importance of wearing gloves during a waxing service.

When I am teaching waxing classes to Estheticians and they are new to waxing, they tend to go through several pairs of gloves due to getting sticky, or some students are nervous and they sweat so they keep changing gloves.

Putting on a new pair of gloves with sweaty, clammy hands causes problems and slows down the waxing service.

Simply, dry your hands with a clean towel, dust them over lightly with some powder and watch those gloves slide onto the paws like silk!


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