Double dipping into your wax pot!

Don’t know about any of you, but I am all for the “No Double Dipping” policy when it comes to waxing!  If you are not really sure why we shouldn’t double dip wax, you can read the previous blog post that I wrote a while back about this very topic.

So even though I am all for keeping my waxing room in the utmost of sanitary conditions coupled with my clients health and safety at all times whilst I am working on clients and also while I am teaching waxing classes, the inner hippy in me still feels pangs of pain when I gaze into my waxing bin and see a forest of trees!  Does anybody else feel my pain or am I alone on this one?

I am pretty sure that the disposable wooden waxing spatulas are bio degradable, but are they still bio degradable when they have wax stuck to them?

Your thoughts on this very sticky topic are welcome…


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  1. Simply Mia's August 12, 2013 at 11:56 am # Reply

    I can definitely see your point of view Claire. No one likes to have trees cut down, especially when it’s being used inappropriately. But in this case, you are running a business and need to make sure you keep clients coming. To be sure of that, you are very sanitary and careful of double dipping. I am not sure how waxing spatulas AND wax can be recyclable, but I am sure we would be able to recycle them one day. For now, we just want to keep clean and professional. 🙂

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