Easy does it around the hairy nipple!

A lot of my Esthetician students that come take a private one on one waxing class with me, get scared when I am teaching them a chest wax and they panic when it comes to waxing around the nipple!

You will never remove the whole nipple during a chest wax, but you can certainly irritate it, leaving it a bit tender!

After you have used a ‘tiny’ bit of oil to protect the tender skin, apply the wax very thinly and use a clean strip to remove the wax.  If the wax application is too thick or if your waxing strip is too heavy it will just put too much pressure on the skin causing irritation.  So keep your soft wax application really thin and avoid heavy waxing strips that are caked in soft wax.

You can also avoid using soft/strip wax in this area and just use hard wax.  Remember hard wax shrink wraps around hair and doesn’t touch the skin per se.  So if you have both kinds of waxes in your waxing room, opt for the hard wax around this area instead, especially if the client is a first timer and has overly sensitive skin.  I like to teach my students using both hard and soft wax, so they can see the difference.


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