How to avoid bruising a client around the bikini area.

How many Estheticians have ever bruised a client during a bikini wax?  I am sure quite a few of you have at some point in your waxing career.  I know I have, especially during my first year or so out of beauty school, when I wasn’t as experienced as I am now.

It is awful when it happens and it is very embarrassing.   Once you have bruised the client, the bruise appears immediately and it resembles a hickey.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

1. The skin was not kept taut during the waxing removal.

2. You used soft wax in this area that was too thick.

3. You didn’t tuck your fingers ‘under’ the tendon when you removed the wax.

Bruising happens more frequently when using soft wax in this area.  I always use hard wax in this area, but I understand some of you are employee’s and don’t always get a say in what wax is to be used in your room.

If you are using soft wax around this area,  always tuck your fingers under the tendon before you remove the wax.  You can also get the client to assist you by having her hold her thigh tightly (this is especially important if your client is heavier set).  Tucking your finger ‘under’ the tendon takes the pressure off this sensitive area and will help to avoid bruising!

The tendon is the area that extends from your bikini line down towards your inner thigh.  It feels like a ridge.  Tucking under the ridge is what takes the pressure off.

Now go wax those bikini’s….spring is nearly here!!


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