How to keep your wax pots clean!

waxmachineA very good friend of mine, also a fantabulous expert in the waxing world shared with me her little trick on how to keep her waxing pots clean in between clients.   After every client leaves I have always masked up, got out my toxic wax cleaner and practically poisoned myself to death at least 12 times a day.  Don’t get me wrong waxing cleaners are efficient and do a fantastic job of removing hard sticky wax from wax machines.  But if the wax cleaner can burn a hole in your glove like it did here, then I can only imagine what it can do to the environment that you are working in.

So without further ado, I will sincerely give a big pat on the back and a big “thank you” to Jennifer (aka The Wax Bitch) over in Michigan  for saving my life!  Ok, enough of the melodramatics…but if you know me well, you will know that I have a very low tolerance to strong aromas and frequently have bouts of dizziness or near fainting experiences if I have toxic aroma overload!

She shared with me that in between clients she wipes her machine down with Baby Oil.  Any oil will work, but Baby Oil is less expensive than the one I have posted in the picture above.  I recently went out and bought myself a truck load of the stuff rather than use my Depileve post wax oil.

I am going to take this blog a weee step further and share what I do before each student comes into my class (they can be messy those amateurs….unlike me who is a super clean worker *not*)   I wipe my machine down before we start by leaving a very, very thin film of oil over the machine where the wax is more likely to drip.   So after every client or model has left, I just get out a tissue, wipe away the sticky wax and ‘voila’ it slides right off and continues to work that way for the majority of the day!

Why has nobody ever shared this tid bit of information with me before?  Maybe you have all been secretly using oil to wipe down with and left me in the dark.  But now I know your secrets and  I am happy to be part of the club!

Thanks Jennifer…..(don’t ask her what she does with her Burritos as that is a different blog all together!!



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