How to remove hard wax during a Brazilian wax

Some clients tell me that the most irritating and worst part of a Brazilian bikini wax, or any kind of waxing service that involves using hard wax (stripless wax) is when the Esthetician/Waxologist picks at the edges of the wax for removal.  Especially when the Esthetician is picking at the edges of the wax with her fingers around strands of pubic hair.  Ouch!

Use hard wax tabs to avoid discomfort!

Technique as well as confidence improves as you gain more experience and waxing doesn’t always flow the way we want it too 100% of the time.  Some troubleshooting needs to take place in our waxing rooms.  This happens to the best of us, after all we are working on humans and not every human is the same.

Troubleshooting occurs because the temperature of the room might be too hot or too cold, which results in the client’s body temperature changing, which in return also affects the temperature of the wax.  Troubleshooting also occurs depending on the client’s physique.

Whilst I cannot be in your waxing room to assist you with your thermostat control or the outside temperature of your location, or the anatomy of your client, I can assist you with any troubleshooting that you have when removing that hard wax, which sometimes has a mind of its own!

When you have first graduated from beauty school and you are out in the big wide world working on clients, your confidence and lack of waxing technique can slow you down.  Picking at the hard wax to remove it, will certainly slow you down, which can potentially shatter your confidence and will also irritate your clients!

By using hard wax tabs in your early days of Brazilian waxing, your troubleshooting will be minimized; your confidence will pick up, which inevitably will lead to a better and much quicker waxing service for yourself and of course your client.

When I teach waxing classes I like my students to play around with these and to have them as their ‘backup’ plan!   Check them out and let me know what you think.


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