Watch this Male and Female Full Body Waxing DVD trailer!

A full body waxing DVD that professionally entertains you and is hosted by not one waxing educator but two waxing educators in California!  Two for the price of one where you can decide which technique works best for ‘you!’

Here in this brilliant waxing DVD which launches on Feb 18th 2013 will show you how to wax men and women from the top of the head to the tips of the toes and ‘everything’ in between!  We will whisper some waxing tips with you so you can take your waxing career to the next level!

Oh, and not only will we show you waxing techniques that they didn’t teach you in Beauty School but we will also share with you some waxing lovin so that your clients come back for more.

Even the eye lashes don’t get ignored in this phenomenal DVD….you will see how to do a lash tint on your clients!   Gorgeous waxed brows cannot be paired with fair lashes!

This DVD is over 5 hours long!   Watch out at the end of the waxing DVD for our honest, down to earth discussion on sales, waxing in general, add on services, in-grown hairs and how to remove them…..soooo many other juicy topics that you don’t want to miss!!  Really you don’t!   Buy it today at it’s pre-sale price of $125 until March 18th when the price increases to $150!  Orders will be shipped mid march!!

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