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Meet Simon.  Simon is a young chap in his 30’s that likes women.  Simon dates and he dates a lot.  He likes petite women. Tinder is his friend. He likes to get his chest waxed and whilst I was waxing his chest I advised him on getting his straggly nose hair removed too.

Simon asked me “How much?”

I replied “A lot less than  you losing a date because she gazingly looks up into your eyes and sees nostril hair hanging down and decides to bail!”  Sold! We took care of his ears too.  Now he is all set for his date and is done playing walrus for another month!

Do you do get some male grooming?

A lot of men here in Winter Park, Florida do get their chest or back hair removed but forget the little things like the nose hair or the hair protruding out of their ears.  When I wax these areas, I am only waxing the hair that is visibly hanging out of those orrifices and not removing hair that “needs to be there” filtering out bacteria that goes way up into the nostril or down into the ear canal.

So how can I help you with your male grooming in Winter Park, Florida?

I wax all sorts of men, from straight men, gay men, married men, cyclists, airline pilots ….. nobody is excluded from waxing (unless of course you have no hair that needs removing!)

Why should I do any male grooming you might be thinking?

A lot of women like their men to be smooth or to at least take care of certain parts of their body that has excess hair…even if it is just a hair trim.  Living in Florida amongst the humidity obviously makes you sweat more and the less hair that you have the sweeter you will be!

So come in and see me today for some male grooming and a game of Walrus, here in Winter Park, Florida!

Take a look at my price list here and give me a call or send me a text and let’s get to know each other!

Male hair removal Orlando

Remove your nose hair today!

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