Nancy’s lash lift story…

Meet Nancy! This is her story about why she wanted a lash lift.

Nancy dislikes wearing makeup or mascara,  but she would still like to look like she has made ‘some effort’ in this area. She likes to get up in the morning, drink her coffee, jump in the shower and get to work. *Ain’t got time for makeup nonsense* so today she came for a lash lift and lash tint with me here in Winter Park, Florida.  A service that’ll lift and darken her lashes making her eyes pop!

Nancy is a middle aged lady that loves life and embraces whatever gets thrown at her.  She works full time in an office and when she isn’t working, she loves to treat herself.  Good for her.

Life is too short to meet your marker and say “I wish I hadn’t had all those beauty services”… said no one ever!

At least once a month she gets a massage and a facial from us here in Winter Park, Florida.  She is not a big talker when she gets services done and I appreciate that.  This is her time to unwind so I keep the chat to a minimum, follow her queue and allow her to just relax.

Her eyelashes were visibly different. Her lashes on her left eye were quite thick with lots of wiry greys but with a reasonable length. Her lashes on her right eye were sparser with a few greys and a shorter length than on the left. No problem. One side of the body is always different than the other. I can braid my daughters hair with a part right down the middle and one braid is considerably thicker than the other…..anyway…keeping on point.

Why did I use 2 different sized eye pads with this lash lift?

I used 2 different sized pads on her eyelids, so that once finished both eyelashes to the viewer will look like twins.

I suggested that we do a blue/black lash tint to make the blue in her eyes pop. I also tinted the bottom of her lashes as in my humble opinion I think it looks kind of weird if the top lashes are tinted and the bottom are albino.

The processing time for the tinting was a bit longer than usual as I wanted to make sure the greys were saturated. Greys can be tricky buggers to tint at times.

After an hour everything was about to be relieved and the curtain was lifted!

I apologize if my before and after angles are not that great in the pic. I am working on it! Judge free zone please! 🙂

Nancy loved them! She gave me a hug! Did I tell you that I like hugs?

After care for lash lifts.

I told her as I tell all of my clients to avoid water around her lashes after this service for 24 hours.  This includes steam rooms, saunas and hot yoga!  She doesn’t go into chlorinated pools, so the lash tint will last about a month. The lash lift should last about 6 – 8 weeks. But I will see her before then for a facial and will check em out and reaffirm that she is still as delighted with her, “coffee, shower, wash and go” look!

Lash lift in Orlando

shower wash and go look!



*my notes* … Processing time was 14 minutes then 12 minutes and 8 minutes for the tinting.  Small and medium.

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