Practice your speed waxing during a waxing class!

One of the best ways to pick up your speed when you are doing a Brazilian bikini wax is to use previous wax tabs that were used already!

Shiny side to shiny side!  Still confused?  Then take a waxing class with me, so you can learn the ropes!

Here is one of my students during her waxing class with me in Orange County.  She travelled all the way from Ridgecrest to take a private waxing class with me.  How motivated is she?

I always teach private one on one waxing classes to licensed Estheticians so that they get individualized attention rather than taking a waxing class where there is very little hands on waxing or by just watching a waxing demo!

Before we started her waxing class, I got ‘Phensri’ to practice the “Daisy Chain” or “Caterpillar” waxing technique on my arm, so she could master the hard wax application and removal before I let her loose on the models nether regions!

Contact me today for more information about waxing classes in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego!



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