Thank you to previous students that took a waxing class in Orange County!

I am just writing this quick blog so I can share my gratitude with previous students that took the plunge, initiated further training to improve their waxing skills and contacted me so we could begin their Brazilian waxing journey!

A lot of students are very nervous prior to taking a waxing class with me (so they inform me!) but my job as your waxing teacher is to put your mind at ease and to make you feel at home the minute you walk through my door!  Reviews that have been left by previous students indicate I get top marks in that department ….. *patting myself on the back*.

This is one of the reasons why I ‘love’ to teach private one on one waxing classes to students in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego (or wherever you fly me out to train you!!) so we can have that intimate class room setting that you are paying me for.

Thank you to those lovely darlings that took the time to leave me a review on Yelp…I know doing these things sometimes, requires effort.  Your effort is appreciated!  Thank you!

So get your waxing spatula’s at the ready and let’s give a ‘high five’ to some of my students that actually let me take pics of them during their waxing class!wax12


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