The best way to wax a clients butt!

photoThere are a few different ways of waxing a clients behind!  But getting your clients into a turkey position or a cannonball position is what I find the best!!

With your client lying on her back, ask her to bring her knees up to her chest, spreading her legs slightly as she does this.  She will resemble a trussed up turkey ready for roasting without the little white caps on her feet!  Please note that this is not an easy position for a heavy set client or a pregnant client to get into.  If this is the case you can get your client to pull one leg up into this position, whilst the other leg is lying flat on the bed.  This takes the pressure off the back or the hips. 

Once she is in this position for waxing, you can get a good view of her bum obviously, but it also forces the area to be waxed to be pulled pretty taut, which makes application and removal much easier.

Apply the hard wax in small sections and, once dry, remove the wax. Remember ‘down under’ we are a bit hotter, so it might take longer to dry. If you are worried about her two bum cheeks sticking together you can dust some  powder over the wax to prevent this from happening.

Happy waxing!!

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