Toxic wax pot cleaners and why I won’t use them.

Toxic wax pot cleaners and why I won’t use them.

Most Estheticians want their waxing pots to be as clean as possible and it is preferable that we keep them clean in between clients.  Some Estheticians prefer to do one big clean up at the end of the day, I prefer to do it as I go along.  I don’t like my clients walking in the door for a facial or a waxing service and to think that I am a hot, sloppy mess!

In the U.S  you would receive a heavy fine iff State Board came to visit you in the middle of the day and your wax pot looked like the one below.   Plus I think my clients would also question my sanitation practices!

dirty wax pots in Orlando, florida

When you use a toxic wax cleaner you will see in this picture below that the solution did actually burn a hole in the glove on my thumb and the smell can be very over powering!    The solution can enter the pores and who knows what this can do to your innards!  It is also too toxic for my clients. After all they are their to improve their health and well being otherwise they wouldn’t be in a Spa.  They are not there to be inhaling toxic cleaning products that many Estheticians use in their Spa’s.

clean wax in Winter Park, FloridaI wrote a blog here on what product I now use in my facial and waxing room that keeps my wax pots looking clean all day long, without having a toxic aroma in the room that both myself and my client inhales.


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