Toxic wax pot cleaners

We all want our waxing pots to be as clean as possible and it is preferable that we keep them clean in between clients.  Some people prefer to do one big clean up at the end of the day, I prefer to do it as I go along.  In the U.S  you would receive a heavy fine if State Board came to visit you in the middle of the day and your wax pot looked like the one below.


You can choose which method of cleaning to do and since I wrote this blog on ‘toxic wax cleaners’ I was told of another way to keep your wax pots clean, rather than using the harsh stuff each time!  Because I also teach waxing classes to Estheticians my wax pots can get very messy.  Knowing this new trick (new trick to me anyway)  has really saved me time and my nostril hair from being singed during the clean up time in between clients, hopefully it will for you too!  The blog I wrote on alternative wax cleaning can be found here.

When you do you use the toxic wax cleaner make sure you wear gloves…as you will see in this picture the solution did actually burn a hole in the glove on my thumb and the smell can be very over powering!    The solution can enter the pores and who knows what this can do to your innards!  So mask up, so you are not inhaling the fumes and wear those gloves to keep your waxing paws as smooth as silk!

The wax cleaner that is shown below is fantastic at removing wax that is stuck to the machine, but not so great for your health if used incorrectly.  Remember also…surface waxing cleaners are not intended to be used on the clients skin, no matter how hard that wax is to get off!



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