Wax Whisperers Waxing DVD has now launched!!

On Feb 18th 2013 you will be able to get your sticky, waxy paws on the latest male and female full body waxing DVD!   In this waxing DVD you will get two fabulous waxing educators whispering waxing techniques to you that your Beauty School teacher might not have shown you – or maybe you just need a waxing refresher to brush up on your existing waxing technique.

Hair removal is a big part of the beauty industry – so get your waxing spatula’s at the ready!

Don’t you agree that having perfectly shaped waxed eyebrows help enhance the windows to the soul?  Well, don’t let your clients go home soulless with nicely waxed eyebrows but invisible to the eye.  Join us in this waxing DVD where I will demo a brow and a lash tint that can be added on to any service* (*State permitted)

Did I say “Add on?”   Yes, add on’s are what generates more income, tips and of course it creates a juicier cash flow!

So come join us, pop us into your DVD player and make sure you take a peek at both “Wax Whisperer’s” at the end of the DVD chatting about “All things Waxing!!”

If you get this sticky when waxing a client….you probably need help!

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