Waxing around the ankle

Hello, my lovely waxologists!

I have been teaching a lot of full body waxing classes over the last few months and not just Brazilian waxing!  More and more Estheticians are graduating from beauty school with so little knowledge of just the basics…so I usually start the waxing class by teaching them a basic leg wax and then we go into the trickier areas such as chest waxing and arm waxing!

A brief topic that I want to cover today is on  ‘waxing around the ankle’.

Get the clients foot into the position as demonstrated in the picture to make waxing around this area easier for yourself and also for the client.

Keeping the ankle in this position helps keep the skin taut and allows you to get into the grooves either side of the ankle bone!

*Tip:  Don’t forget if the client has dry skin around this area, the last thing you want to do is to remove skin with hair…so apply a ‘tiny’ bit of oil over the dry areas to protect the skin.  Also if the skin is really dry, then sometimes the wax sticks to the skin and doesn’t come off as easily.  Using oil will help with this!



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