Lash lift before and after in Orlando!

As promised following on from my other blog post about fantastic lash lifts in Orlando,

I am here to show you the first of many before and after pictures of a lash lift.

But due to the high maintenance of having extensions with having to go get them filled every few weeks and with having a low budget due to being a full time college student, I persuaded her to try the lash lift.

We lifted her eyelashes and I applied some black tint to the lashes before we removed the keratin solution.   Unfortunately we couldn’t wax her brows as she is on Acutane, so she gets them threaded instead at a threading studio.

As you can see the lift and the tint really brought out the green in her eyes and widened her eyes, making her look more awake!

She doesn’t have mascara on and If she does decide to wear it when she has applied some makeup, a quick cat lick with the mascara brush is all that is needed!

She left with instructions on home care for lash lifts.  Nothing major…just keep your eyes away from water for 24 hours.   This does include excess sweating, sauna’s, steam rooms etc.  After 24 hours she is good to go to do as she pleases until she comes back to see me for another lash lift in approximately 8 weeks.

The picture below is of a student that used to get lash extensions.

lash lifting in Orlando

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Fantastic lash lifts in Orlando!

Have you tried a lash lift here in Orlando yet?   Maybe you are asking, what is a lash lift and how is it different than having extensions?

I was just as curious as you are when I first came across it a while back and decided to delve deeper into the reasons why somebody would choose a lash lift instead of lash extensions.

Basically in a nutshell a lash lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low maintenance lash solution for clients as results can last up to 12 weeks (depending on your hair type).  No fills are needed.

Using your own lashes, I perm against a silicon pad to give your eyelashes a natural looking “lift”.  These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift! You will look more awake and even more youthful! Adding a black or blue/black tint to your eyelashes to go with the lash lift service really makes your eyes pop also!

The only set back which is a minor one is you cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours following the treatment.  No hot saunas, steam rooms, hot yoga.  Let those puppies set and take their shape and after 24 hours you can frollick around the neighborhood showing off your peepers!

So I decided to go ahead and start researching what this was all about.  I did learn from some videos that I watched how to absolutely NOT do a lash lift on a client!  By this I mean, product was nearly dripping into the eye, the technician was rough and at times it just seemed horrifying for the client.  I know that they say beauty can be painful…BUT some lash lift technicians out there should just not be performing this service.   I was also saddened after learning during my research that some lash lift technicians out there are not licensed or certified and by just watching a few lash lift videos on Youtube decided to go working on clients!  Please be careful who you allow near your eyes.

Lash Lifts Orlando, Florida

It was hard for me to find extensive hands on lash lift training in Orlando, Florida for the lash lift service and I didn’t want to introduce this service to my clients by just observing a video.  So what better way to get a full day’s hands on lash lift class than by going back to my previous home in Los Angeles, California and taking a class there with Beverly Hills Lashes.

It was a wonderful day and I learnt soooo much and got so much hands on experience, I already feel that I am good to go with charging full price to my clients.   I have friends lining up at the door waiting for their lashes to feel luscious!  As a warning….if somebody’s price is too cheap for lash services, question their training, insurance and their licensing.  If you value your eyes you shouldn’t be overly concerned about saving a few dollars here and there.   Cutting corners can sometimes lead to unsanitary practices by the technician as they try to keep their costs down.

A blog will follow on from this one with some before and after pictures!  I know you are dying to see them!

Bye for now my loves and I hope to see some of you very soon for a lash lift in Winter Park, Florida!!   You can take a look at my price list for client services here!



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Waxing Classes for Estheticians are now in Orlando, Florida

I would like to take this time to thank all of my previous Esthetician students that took a waxing class with me in Orange County, California, but unfortunately I am no longer available or living in California as I have relocated to Orange County, Florida!   It was wonderful working with all of you and you all certainly kept me very busy!  It was wonderful!  Thank you.

I am offering my expertise to the Florida based Estheticians that struggle with waxing or that just need a refresher course or an advanced waxing class!

I am now a travelling waxing educator where I travel to your location with you providing the models!   I provide the wax, my skills and a great sense of humor to make your waxing class one that you won’t forget!

So give me a call, let’s get you scheduled so you can take your waxing career to the next level!

brazilian waxing class

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Great reviews for waxing classes!

Still hesitant about taking a private one on one waxing class with me at your Spa location in Orange County, Florida?  I understand for some of you,  it is a lot of money to invest in a waxing class when you are not sure if your money will be well spent!   When I teach private one on one waxing classes to Estheticians in Orange County Florida, I make sure that from the minute you email me inquiring about my classes that you are taken care of and that all of your questions are answered in a timely manner, by myself or by my assistant Sarah.

More importantly, I make sure that when you do invest your hard earned money and time into taking a wax class with me, that our time together is fun,  inspirational and educational,  so that you walk away feeling confident and ready to take on your first client alone!!

Just a small handful of reviews are available for you to see below from when my business was located in California, or you can go visit Yelp and read more of my reviews that previous Esthetician students or models have left for me!

Happy waxing and I hope to see some of you at your location in Orlando,  Florida very soon!!!


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I swear my waxing classes in Florida are more sanitary than this!

For all of you that might be interested in me coming to your Spa to teach you a waxing class in Orange County, Florida anytime soon, please be rest assured that the waxing class that you take with me, will be more sanitary than this one!

For one, we will be wearing gloves when we wax your models and secondly we won’t be using the waxing models shoulder as our trash can!

Happy waxing and hope you got a giggle out of this vintage beauty school pic, like I did!


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As a waxologist, have YOU had a Brazilian wax?

Have you ever had a Brazilian wax?   The reason that I ask this is just recently I have taught at least a dozen one on one private waxing classes in the last few months in Orange County where at least half of my Esthetician students that came to my location for a waxing class has never had a Brazilian wax!  Yup, that is right, they have never had a Brazilian wax themselves before!!!

One lovely Esthetician that I taught a waxing class too, came to take a full body waxing class with me all the way from Minneapolis and not one part of her body has ever been waxed before….EVER!

All of the students took direction really well in their wax class and I am sure they will continue to improve their waxing skills as they get more practice, but I would strongly suggest that you should get a wax yourself somewhere on your body if you are to continue waxing clients.

Experiencing good waxers and bad waxers gives you more insight into how it should be done or not be done.

We all learn from each other and not just from the waxing class that we choose to invest our money into.

So get yourself out there and go experience what your client is feeling!




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Waxing classes in the U.S.A

Thank you to all of my recent students that have attended a waxing class with me in Orange County over this last year!  At least once a month I have seen students come from out of state to take a private one on one waxing class with me and I am honored that you chose me as your waxing educator!

I have seen students this year come from all over the U.S to take a waxing class with me!  Here are just a few of the places that my Esthetician waxing students have traveled from.  Nebraska, Hawaii, Tennessee, Atlanta, Miami and most recently I have had a student converse with me that is hoping to come out and see me in 2015 from Japan!

I am truly blessed and very grateful, that these students have taken it upon themselves to ask the relevant questions and schedule a tailored waxing class with my assistant Sarah to suit their needs.  Air fare as we know can be a hassle and isn’t always cheap.

Furthering your education by learning something new or increasing your current knowledge is worth it’s weight in gold, again I thank you all!!

Next year one of my goals will be to travel back home to see family in England and to take a class myself.   I learnt sugaring many years ago, back in the day when I was in Beauty School in England, but I think it is time for a refresher.  I didn’t like it when I first learnt it, but with age and maturity, this time round I might just love it!   Never know until you try, right?

What are some of your goals for next year?  I would love to hear them!

Here’s to sugaring sweet cheeks!

Claire (aka Lilbritofwax)

2014-12-04 09.25.30-1

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How to keep your wax pots clean!

waxmachineA very good friend of mine, also a fantabulous expert in the waxing world shared with me her little trick on how to keep her waxing pots clean in between clients.   After every client leaves I have always masked up, got out my toxic wax cleaner and practically poisoned myself to death at least 12 times a day.  Don’t get me wrong waxing cleaners are efficient and do a fantastic job of removing hard sticky wax from wax machines.  But if the wax cleaner can burn a hole in your glove like it did here, then I can only imagine what it can do to the environment that you are working in.

So without further ado, I will sincerely give a big pat on the back and a big “thank you” to Jennifer (aka The Wax Bitch) over in Michigan  for saving my life!  Ok, enough of the melodramatics…but if you know me well, you will know that I have a very low tolerance to strong aromas and frequently have bouts of dizziness or near fainting experiences if I have toxic aroma overload!

She shared with me that in between clients she wipes her machine down with Baby Oil.  Any oil will work, but Baby Oil is less expensive than the one I have posted in the picture above.  I recently went out and bought myself a truck load of the stuff rather than use my Depileve post wax oil.

I am going to take this blog a weee step further and share what I do before each student comes into my class (they can be messy those amateurs….unlike me who is a super clean worker *not*)   I wipe my machine down before we start by leaving a very, very thin film of oil over the machine where the wax is more likely to drip.   So after every client or model has left, I just get out a tissue, wipe away the sticky wax and ‘voila’ it slides right off and continues to work that way for the majority of the day!

Why has nobody ever shared this tid bit of information with me before?  Maybe you have all been secretly using oil to wipe down with and left me in the dark.  But now I know your secrets and  I am happy to be part of the club!

Thanks Jennifer…..(don’t ask her what she does with her Burritos as that is a different blog all together!!


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Toxic wax pot cleaners

We all want our waxing pots to be as clean as possible and it is preferable that we keep them clean in between clients.  Some people prefer to do one big clean up at the end of the day, I prefer to do it as I go along.  In the U.S  you would receive a heavy fine if State Board came to visit you in the middle of the day and your wax pot looked like the one below.


You can choose which method of cleaning to do and since I wrote this blog on ‘toxic wax cleaners’ I was told of another way to keep your wax pots clean, rather than using the harsh stuff each time!  Because I also teach waxing classes to Estheticians my wax pots can get very messy.  Knowing this new trick (new trick to me anyway)  has really saved me time and my nostril hair from being singed during the clean up time in between clients, hopefully it will for you too!  The blog I wrote on alternative wax cleaning can be found here.

When you do you use the toxic wax cleaner make sure you wear gloves…as you will see in this picture the solution did actually burn a hole in the glove on my thumb and the smell can be very over powering!    The solution can enter the pores and who knows what this can do to your innards!  So mask up, so you are not inhaling the fumes and wear those gloves to keep your waxing paws as smooth as silk!

The wax cleaner that is shown below is fantastic at removing wax that is stuck to the machine, but not so great for your health if used incorrectly.  Remember also…surface waxing cleaners are not intended to be used on the clients skin, no matter how hard that wax is to get off!


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Waxing DVD special offer!

Sit down, prop your tootsies up on the coffee table with a nice cup of tea whilst you watch this 5 hour full body waxing DVD at a juicy price of $75, normally $150!

It does include male and female nudity for those that are not bashful!

This phenomenal price of $75 is available until January 1st 2015 and it includes FREE shipping!!

Buy it here!

dvd-container-3dSo get your spatulas at the ready and enjoy! What are you waiting for?

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