Waxing Classes and Waxing Education

Hello my lovely waxologists and future waxers!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful Estheticians and Cosmetologists that contact me on a daily basis looking for waxing help!   Questions on waxing using hard wax or waxing using soft wax and what is the difference between the two.   Why do I choose to wax the Brazilian area with hard wax as opposed to using soft wax on the labia? What wax is the best wax out there and which wax should I avoid?   All of those questions and more land in my inbox every day and I love it!   Keep the waxing questions coming as I am happy to help!

I am available for help in regards to all of your waxing questions and sometimes some of you want me to travel to you via waxing on wheels so you can be taught a private one on wax class and learn some new, easy waxing techniques that you didn’t know existed using both soft and hard wax.

I do teach my private waxing classes in Los Angeles, Orange County and I also teach private waxing classes in San Diego.  For those that cannot travel to me or cannot pay my travelling fee to come see you …. I feel this waxing DVD (see the teaser/trailer below) is what will help you immensely with learning new waxing tips to help improve your new waxing techniques!     At the end of this waxing DVD you will find myself and the other wonderful waxing educator (as you will be getting two waxing teachers for the price of one!) talking about so many different things that are all waxing related that we feel will really help you within your waxing career.

I have just joined Yelp and here you can read my most recent reviews from both models and students alike.

What are you waiting for?  Jump over to my store and pick up your waxing DVD which is available for pre-sale on Feb 18th 2013!


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