Thank you to all of my previous waxing students!

I just want to give a shout out to all of my previous waxing students that have taken a waxing class with me!  Most of you have found my waxing classes through Google or various kinds of social media sites!  Thank you to all that have taken the time and the initiative to improve your waxing skills and invest time and money into progressing within your Esthetic or Cosmetology career!

I teach waxing classes in Orange County, Los Angeles and even in San Diego County.    All of my waxing classes are for a minimum of 3 hours and all students regardless of skill level get at least 85% of hands on training, some get more, depending on their confidence level!

So what are you waiting for?   Take a look at just a small handful of proud and happy waxing students!

Contact me here  for more information on how you too, can take a private one on waxing class with me!


Yes, you too will also get a certificate of completion!


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