Waxing the neck area without strangling your client!

I am getting more and more Estheticians and Cosmetologists that are wanting to learn full body waxing each month as opposed to just learning how to do a Brazilian wax.

So, I like to start off with teaching them how to do a chest wax on a client rather than a back wax.   Once you have mastered a chest wax during your waxing class, then a back wax is a walk in the park!

The trickiest part during a chest wax is removing the stubborn grey hairs and the hairs around the neck area.

The skin has to be kept as taut as possible in the neck area, with the client tilting his chin up to the ceiling to make life easier for yourself and for him of course!  If the skin isn’t kept taut in the neck area you can pull at the skin, causing a big hickey on the side of his neck!  Not sure how he will explain that one easily to his significant other!!

Place your fingers either side of his Adam’s Apple so you don’t block his airways and pull the skin up towards his face. If the skin is extra loose and wrinkly more pressure will be needed.  You can also have him move his head to the opposite side from where you are working to help keep the skin taut also!

Happy waxing!


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