What are you giving to your waxing clients for free?

Actually, I don’t like that word “Free”!  Free has no value to it.  So, let’s use the term “thank you”.    So, how are you going to say “thank you” this year to your first time waxing clients?

If it works for them…why not?

Too many people these days jump to write bad reviews about other companies or other people and spend less time writing notes of gratitude or showing gratitude to others.  Gratitude is like a karmic boomerang.  What you put out is what you will get back!

Knicker Stickers are a great little fun and useful gimmick to give to your first time waxing clients.  They come in two different colors, beige and black.  Sending your client home without her knickers on will leave her feeling foot loose and fancy free without any tight underwear chaffing along the bikini line which can cause in-grown hairs.  At $7.95 for a pack of seven, I think that is a pretty good deal. You give one or two of them away as a “thank you” to first time waxing clients and you can retail the whole pack of seven, so that she can wear one each day for a week following her waxing appointment.

Also make sure that you inform the client that you are sending them home with a “knicker sticker” because they help reduce the possibility of getting ingrown hairs and not because you are a sloppy waxologist that has left big globs of wax in her Lady Garden!

Hope you didn’t mess up the wax job….but just in case,  you could send them home with a kitty carpet!  No seriously, you won’t be sending them home with this because you messed up…but if your client is down to earth and you want to send her home with something cute and fun, how about the kitty carpet?   “Don’t fret, no actual kitties were harmed in making this product, as Kitty Carpet is 100% polyester faux fur.

There is something really nice about wearing a brand new pair of knickers especially the days following a waxing appointment.  How about taking an on-line shopping trip to this place and buying a whole array of different colors and sizes for your first time waxing clients.  You can package them nicely with different colored bows for each different size.  6 pairs for $9…that’s only $1.50 a pair!

Not sure about you, but I love to get a handwritten card or note in the mail.  Yes, the mail box that sits outside your house not the inbox mail on your phone screen or laptop screen!  Buy yourself some stamps (yes, the ones that you lick) and stick them onto each  “thank you” card that you mail out to your clients.   I once bought a pair of boots from Nordstrom.  The following week I received a hand written card in the mail from the sales girl who helped me with my purchase!  I was deeply touched!  Yes, I know she does this to all of her customers and I am not that special…but because she actually took the time to do this, it spoke volumes!

So let’s make 2013 the year where we show more love to our clients and each other!  Does your competition do this?  Your competition might think they are too busy or too special to spend the time doing the above things…..be that diamond in the rough next year and be memorable in your clients eyes!

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