What to put on your Esthetician resume

A lot of my students that have taken a private waxing class with me are unemployed and they ask me for help in finding them a job.   I do network with Spa owners on a regular basis and I do get contacted a lot by waxing Spa’s that are in search of new employees.  Some of my students I put forward for various job positions if I feel it is a good fit for both parties.   It makes me happy to put girls forward for new waxing jobs when their enthusiasm shines and their passion for learning shows through.

So you have taken a private wax class with me and you are enthusiastic about looking for a waxing job!  How is your resume looking?  Do you know how to write one successfully?

Contact details need to be on the top of the resume where you should be listing your name, your address, phone number and also email address.  Make it easy for them to reach you, so make sure those details are all up to date.

Skills and proven accomplishments:  Skills need to be listed at the top of your resume below your contact details.  This gets their attention before they glance down.  On average people spend at first glance approximately 8 seconds looking at a resume for the first time.  People have very low attention spans and get distracted if there is too much fluff and puff.

Good Punctuation and Grammar:  If English is your second language get somebody to proofread your resume.  Don’t go putting on any smiley faces, FYI or LOL or BTW for by the way.  Keep those abbreviations for text messaging with friends.  Don’t use them either for texting your employer if they text you as a way of communication during the hiring process.

Relevant Highlights:  Keep your Esthetician resume relevant to the job that you are applying for.  It might be nice that you worked in Target for a few months a few years ago, but if it is not relevant to the position you are interviewing for, keep it out of your resume.

If you have proof that you got sales person of the month at your last Spa mention “proven”. If you have no proof documented it is best not to use the term proven.  And don’t lie, don’t put down something that you can get caught out in.

How you can help them:  A very brief paragraph with your objectives and how you can help them, not how they can benefit you, an example of this could be “my punctuality and sense of urgency will prove beneficial to a spa, because I recognize and understand the need for turning client services over”  You are not saying “my punctuality and sense of urgency will prove beneficial to all, because it means I will make more money.  Because when this is mentioned it is interpreted as if this is all about you and not them!  You can elaborate so much more on your objectives and I will go over this in another blog on cover letters.

Gaps need to be explained:  If you have lots of empty gaps (periods in history when you were maybe unemployed or on maternity leave etc) mention it very briefly with one sentence, again to find out how you can elaborate on this area of your life and how to transmit that information over successfully.  Contact me so I can give you a free tip on how to do this!

Previous Jobs listed:  Of course the first job listed on your Esthetician resume needs to be the most recent one you had or the one that you are still working at.  This gets their attention quicker than if it was at the bottom of the resume.

If you are in your twenties a one page resume is enough…if you are young and your resume is the length of a roll of toilet paper you will look like a butterfly that flutters from job to job with no direction or willpower or you are placing too many jobs on your resume that are not relevant to the position you are applying for.   Such as babysitting jobs, dog grooming assistant on Saturday’s….You get my drift?

Good luck and hopefully I will see one of you soon for a waxing class!



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