Which wax goes where?

A lot of students when they take my waxing class in Orange County, California always ask me, which wax and where?  If we are doing a full body waxing class then we go over both hard and soft wax.   If the Esthetician is just wanting to cover Brazilian waxing during their waxing class, then we use just hard wax.

To reiterate for those that are still a bit unfamiliar with waxing and just learning the ropes:

Soft wax is strip wax and is applied thinly with the waxing spatula at a 90 degree angle and removed with either paper waxing strips or the floppy muslin kind.

Hard wax or Hot wax as it is known in Europe is applied much thicker with the waxing spatula in a paintbrush sort of position and is applied with much more pressure.  Hard wax is removed without paper or muslin and is removed by your skillfully angled fingertips or by using one of these funky little inventions!

Below  you will see an easy to use diagram of which wax and where?  (The diagram is not my own diagram, but taken from Pinterest)  Credit goes to the owner of the diagram.

where wax goes

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