Why should an Esthetician take an advanced waxing class …

Why take an advanced waxing class with Claire ……

Continuing your education is the way to increase your confidence and ability, which, in turn, increases your marketability and clientele.  It is a catch 22 situation for young graduates that can’t get hired due to lack of experience in waxing.


Having a knowledge base established during beauty school puts you at the forefront of others when applying for aesthetician positions once graduated from beauty school.

Today, many men and women prefer to have the hair on their bodies professionally and regularly removed. Obviously, some areas of the body are more tender than others, making these procedures difficult to perform. Yet, such services are becoming increasingly popular. To compete in your field, you must be confident in your ability to perform these procedures.

You might feel very confident in some areas of hair removal, but not as confident in others. This makes sense; after all, waxing an eyebrow is significantly different than waxing a bikini line. While traditional programs provide a good overview of female waxing procedures, male Brazilian waxing may not even be mentioned in many beauty schools but is a service that is growing rapidly in the States and is huge in Europe right now.

You must seek additional instruction and education in waxing to build a thriving clientele but more importantly right now due to the tough economy to be more employable so you stand out from your competition.

Already employed with years of skin care behind you?

If you are currently employed and you want to increase your monthly income, waxing is the best way to do this! The initial cost of product per service charge is next to nothing and once you have your speed up to par, you can be making on average $195 per hour doing just 3 Brazilian bikini waxes if you charged your clients $65.   Can you imagine if you worked just 3 hours a day and did 9 Brazilian waxes at $65 per service?  This is what your bank account would be looking like ….


= $585 for a 3 hour work day.

= $2,340 for just a 12 hour work week!

= $9,360 per month for just a 48 hour work month!!

Some salons even charge more than $65 for a Brazilian wax!

There is food for thought for you!  Contact Claire here for more info on private waxing classes..

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