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Why you should choose a gold facial!

What can a gold facial do for your skin?

If you feel that your face is lacking vitality and tone then this gold facial is the facial for you.  As the mask reduces the temperature of your skin by up to 6 degrees celcius it provides a draining effect which reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes as it rejuvenates, revitalizes, nourishes and firms your skin with an immediate noticeable difference.

Why is the gold facial the best choice for you today?

This 24 karat gold dust mask is packed with minerals and seaweed extract to provide your skin with a firming effect as it reinforces the structure of your skin due to the properties of the minerals. It ensures that the skin elasticity is maintained as it improves the circulation of the blood.

If the gold facial was good enough for Cleopatra, isn’t it good enough for you?

Gold has anti-bacterial properties and is also thought to stimulate collagen production in the skin.  When this is produced it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Word on the street is that even Cleopatra herself used gold masks on a nightly basis to keep her skin glowing and radiant.   If Cleopatra can have a gold facial, so can you in Winter Park, Florida!

Is a gold facial good for acne too?

Because Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties the metal can calm acne inflammation, reduce redness and protect the skin against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and dull stressed skin and further pimples.

So what are you waiting for?  Schedule a gold facial with me today?  Don’t forget to text me and ask me what the deal of the day is too? Contact me here in Winter Park, Florida.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Claire xo

Nose waxing is not just for men!

Nose waxing is not just for men in Winter Park, Florida!   Admittedly, yes most of my clients that come in for a nose or an ear wax are male.    But recently I have been noticing more and more female clients during a facial or during a regular face wax that have hair hanging out of the nostril itself.    Of course I politely point this out to them and inform them that this pesky nostril hair can be all gone within 2 shakes of a lambs tail, a wooden stick and some warm wax!,

Is nose waxing in Winter Park, Florida safe?

You bet it is!   I only wax the inside corners of the nostril where the hair is protruding out of.  Hair that is way up in the nostril is there for a reason and protects you from bacteria and dust particles.  The hair that is way up there that you see when you tilt your head back is the hair that stays!   I only wax the hair that is hanging visibly lower than the nostril itself.

More women are in need of this service, especially over the age of 40.  For some reason we grow hair in places we just don’t want it too.  Nostril hair is one of them!

Does nose waxing hurt?

No it really doesn’t!  I wax it in very small sections if this is of a really big concern to you.  Smaller sections with smaller sticks will still remove the hair but they will be removed a few hairs at a time.   The majority of my clients say it feels like a band aid being removed for about 2 seconds, then they are excited to see a hair free nostril!    I apply a bit of witch hazel with a cotton bud afterwards and you are good to go!

Try it….once you try it you will never go back to having a troll nose, I promise you!

How a facial is like taking your skin to the gym.

How a facial is like taking your skin to the gym.

Having a facial with a competent professional,  is like taking your skin to the gym for a workout with a personal trainer, but without doing anything physical that works up a sweat and results are shown immediately afterwards.   What is there not to love about that?

You can put on the best dress money can buy, but if you are not in a shape, it will look like the dress is wearing you, not you wearing the dress.  Think of a potato dressed in a toga.  Not a good look is it?

Some professionals like to describe cosmetics for the skin in terms of clothing.  No amount of cream or facial products that money can buy will make you look amazing if the underlying dermis of the skin and the facial muscles that define your face have been neglected.   The purpose of this blog today is to help you understand that it is not just the surface skin and the slapping of skin care products onto your skin that should be your focus when it comes to facial routines.

The food that you consume

and the supplements that you take as well as the facial products you use should all be part of the program if you want luscious, glowing skin.  I will consult with you and give you some guidelines as to how you can improve your skin from within.   Additions to your diet such as mineral water, more vegetables and fruits.  Vitamin C and E and coral calcium are very important for beautiful skin.   If you have to take dietary supplements we can discuss these also.

Maybe your face seems to be less firm than usual?

This is the job of your Esthetician (me) to understand your concerns so that I can better serve you during your facial.   I consult with all of my clients about any concerns that they have.  If they share with me that they feel a sudden lack of firmness I will focus on lifting the muscles during the facial massage and use a facial machine to help plump up the skin by pushing product into the skin as well as using massage techniques to improve the overall appearance.   The client will be given some facial massage techniques to use that he/she can practice at home whilst they watch TV.

The skin sags because the muscles underneath lose the strength to keep it in place.  We cannot get away from the aging process as we age.  But having regular facials will absolutely help take years away from you and improve the texture and appearance of your skin if you take care of it.   I am here to help you take care of your skin in my facial room during your facial and when you are at home, as applying skin care products isn’t enough to cope with the problem.   Exercising the underlying muscles to prevent sagging and wrinkles whilst treating your skin to repair any damage you might already have will be significantly noticeable to yourself and others.

Please read a blog that I wrote recently on the benefits of having an LED facial with me.

I explain briefly how NASA created this machine to help astronauts heal quicker in zero gravity.    Maybe this kind of machine is what I will do on your face during your skincare treatment in my facial room here in Winter Park, Florida.  As this kind of facial doesn’t just focus on the outside but gets down deep into the skin with its light beams!

I am sure by now you are contemplating booking a facial with me

… if you are, then head over to my client service page and text me today!    Ask about any specials that I “might” have going on.  I don’t always post them on my website and I might wake up that day and decide to reduce my facials by $10 that day …. Just because!

Facials in Winter Park, Florida

Why you should get a facial

Why you should get a facial with Claire in Winter Park, Florida.

Not only is a facial relaxing due to the quiet environment and the relaxing music, but it is also extremely beneficial for your skin.   Our brains generate alpha waves when we are in a state of relaxation or euphoria. These brain waves are beneficial for our emotional and physical health and for our skin, because they enhance our natural healing power. When did you last get a facial to enhance your natural healing power?  Maybe it is time for you to take 45 minutes or an hour out of your day and treat yourself.  Your skin will thank you for it!

As a skilled professional I will analyze your skin …

and customize the facial according to what YOUR skin needs.   By using my hands and excellent products, as well as various machines I will nourish your skin with the love that it needs.  The warmth from my hands and the constant massage movements around your face will bring a glow to your face.  It makes the skin glow due to the circulation of the blood caused by professional massage movements and is finished with a gentle lymphatic technique that pushes all the waste and toxins into the lymphatic system, so the body can expel the waste naturally.

If a deep exfoliation is what you need then I will focus on using the correct exfoliating products and use the correct exfoliating technique with my hands or with a machine.

If I analyze during your facial that you have an increase in blood flow from the wonderful facial massage to your lovely face, causing redness and you are returning to work shortly afterwards, I will use a cooling device to balance your skin tone and colour. This cooling device will also close down the pores and gently erase puffiness which will inevitably reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.  It’s a cold one, but it works like magic!

What can a facial do for your skin?

Skin with a good complexion makes a woman look healthy and young, as well as enhancing the effect of makeup.  While physical wellness is of course one factor affecting the condition of your skin, many hazards can ruin it’s clarity, such as dead skin cells clinging to the surface and thickening the skin.  Dryness caused by UV rays, mental stress and lack of sleep also affect the clarity of the skin.    If your skin is dry, this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles making you look older.  Who wants to look older than they really are?

What to avoid to maintain a great complexion.

Try to avoid stress as much as possible. If you do have a stressful life try to incorporate exercise and meditation to lower your stress levels or to help you manage your stress better.  Instead of grabbing that glass of wine or cigarette, go for a long walk in the fresh air to clear your head and sort your thoughts.  Protect your skin by always wearing a sunscreen.  Exfoliate at least twice a week and cut back on all the products you are using.   Less is best! Give up smoking if you can as smoking leaves your skin dull, resulting in a sallow complexion.    If you have any concerns about your lifestyle and how it might be affecting your skin, we can talk about them after your facial.

What can you go home with?

You can go home with some education on how to take care of your skin by buying better products or by me helping you use the products that you already have, but show you how to use them better!   Ask yourself this question.   When you apply your moisturizer or your cleanser do you apply with love and care, or do you just slap it on and go?  Slapping on tells your skin you don’t care …. showing your skin you do care by being nice to it, will look back at you in the mirror with a “thank you glow”.   I will show you how to apply your products so you can get the most out of them and I promise you, your skin will thank you for it.

Homework for my facial clients here in Winter Park, Florida.

I want you to go home and take a look at all of your skin care products that you have in your bathroom closet and bring them with you when you come in to see me for a facial.  We will set aside some time during your consultation to look at them.  If any of them have been in your dusty cabinet for over a year, I suggest you throw them out and still come in and see me for a facial and we can discuss starting afresh.

Your next assignment is to take a mirror and do the mirror test which is below.  (sorry the picture is a bit lopsided!)    If you don’t like what you see in your mirror when you do the 5 years from now … then you definitely need to come in and see me, so we can start turning that clock back!

Here is your past, your present and your future face!

Facial services winter park, Florida

How do you contact me?

You can reach me through this link to schedule your facial appointment.  Let me know beforehand if you want to bring in your products for a show and tell, so I can block the time out so we can go over your products together.

Quick facials in Winter Park, Florida!

Do you get to nap on your lunch break?  Meet Mary.  Mary likes to come in for a quick red LED light facial in Winter Park, Florida on her lunch break and to take a nap!

A 45 minute facial with a luxurious mask and under the red LED light for 30 minutes!

What is a red LED light?

Led lights were made famous (not by Kim Kardashian) but by NASA.  They used the lights to heal astronauts.   When astronauts were in zero gravity and they had an injury, the red LED light healed them.  Zero gravity has a negative affect on the skin and the bones.

What does a red LED light do for my skin?

Firstly they are not dangerous because they do not contain UV rays.  LED therapy is very simple as they work by penetrating the skin with high energy beams.  The rays tunnel into the skin, jump starting internal processes.   This can be anything from circulation to more collagen production.  So in a nutshell they heal from the inside out.

During this quickie facial here in Winter Park, Florida you will be under the red LED light for 30 minutes.  During this time I will be massaging your decollete and your hands as the led light helps the luxurious mask absorb into your skin.

Mary, as well as many other clients that come in for this 45 minute facial love to take a nap and are so happy with the results they sometimes come in every week!

Results in the appearance of your skin happen much quicker if you come in more than once a month.

Expected results with this 45 minute facial.

You will notice less redness, more of an even skin tone.  A younger more youthful glow.  Less fine lines and wrinkles.  A nap and of course, no down time, meaning you can skip back into the office after your nap looking as fresh and dewy as a daisy!

Contact me here for pricing on this wonderful treat for yourself or a loved one!

Facials in Winter Park, Florida

Nap during this red LED light facial!

LGBT Spa treats in Winter Park, Fl!

Of course the LGBT community in Winter Park, Fl need Spa services just like straight people do, why wouldn’t they?

I received a text message from a client named Keith yesterday, asking me If I did lash lifts.   I text him back and said that I absolutely, do do lash lifts and would be happy to schedule an appointment for him.   He responded with “I am a man, though, is that OK?”.

I was taken aback a little bit.  Not because it was a man asking for a lash lift, but taken aback that we still seem to live in an age where sadly people still feel that there might be judgement from somebody in regards to who they are or what they choose to do with themselves or with their lives.

Now Keith might not have been gay. He might have been a straight metro sexual man wishing to enhance his lovely eyes, so I didn’t jump to any unnecessary conclusions, but Keith did go on to tell me that his partner might also want to come in and get his lashes done also, if he liked what he saw.   Obviously they were gay.  That is fine with me!  Felt kind of weird to think that he might be thinking I would be wigged out by that. Anyway …

I responded back to him with a message that went along the lines of …

If you have eyelashes, skin or body hair I can offer you a service to enhance your physical and emotional well being, regardless of your sex, your sexuality, your race or your nationality, so C’mon in Tiger and let’s get lifting some lashes!   I welcome all of the LGBT community!

He was taken aback also and sent me a short brief message …

“Are you sure you service clients in Winter Park, Florida?  Was kinda thinking it was swaying a bit on the “Trump” side of the world, LOL!”

His comment did make me pause to think.  I am pretty new to Winter Park, Florida after moving from England then California 18 months ago.  California is much more liberal and I have noticed some differences with the mind set of ‘some’ people here in Winter Park.

Anyway the moral of my story is ….

I don’t like to discuss politics with clients, but I do like to offer lash lifts, facials and full body waxing services in Winter Park, Florida to anybody that has the body parts to offer me! 

So how can I help you today to feel better about yourself?

Shoot me a text or phone me after looking at my menu and FAQ on lash lifts and waxing and I hope to see you all very soon!

LGBT spa treatments in Winter Park, Florida

Is a lash lift for me?

Hello lovelies!

Meet Desiree.  Desiree is a single Mom of 2 active boys that are heavily involved in before and after school activities!

Due to Desiree meeting herself on the way back from a soccer practice or an early morning school drop off, she finds little time for herself.  Of course she wants to look like she hasn’t just rolled out of bed and not made an effort, but she does want to look like she has made a ‘natural’ effort to look good.   She wants to look good, not just for others, but more importantly for herself.

Some nights she doesn’t sleep that well and tosses and turns thinking about all the bills that need paying and if she is being a good enough Mom.  Can you relate to that feeling?

Why a lash lift will suit Desiree …

A lash lift suits Desiree and her lifestyle because quite simply she just doesn’t have the time or the inclination early in the morning to get up and do her makeup.  But she still wants to look marvelous!

One night a week she goes out with her girlfriends after rushing home from soccer practice, to put the dinner in the oven for the boys and to get herself ready before the babysitter comes.

A quick cat lick of mascara …

Is it all it takes to give her newly lifted lashes some oomph!  Mascara isn’t needed, but is needed if you want to give the appearance of having thicker lashes if you are going out for dinner and want to look like you have an ‘evening’ look.

What does a lash lift do?

A lash lift lifts your natural lashes into a fixed position using a keratin solution,  making your eyes pop!  It opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake!  Great for early morning starts.    A lash lift doesn’t add lashes to your existing lashes, like lash extensions.  It lifts the lashes that you already have ‘up’.

So having a lash lift every 6-8 weeks is great for those who don’t have the time or the money to have lash extensions.  It is also great for those clients like Desiree who want to take care of themselves, by improving their appearance, but without the high maintenance of having to go in for fills, like you do with extensions.

Meet Desiree!  What do you think?   Are you ready to book your lash lift appointment here in Winter Park, Florida?

 lash lifts in Winter Park, Florida

Is a lash lift for you?

Male hair removal …

Meet Simon.  Simon is a young chap in his 30’s that likes women.  Simon dates and he dates a lot.  He likes petite women. Tinder is his friend. He likes to get his chest waxed and whilst I was waxing his chest I advised him on getting his straggly nose hair removed too.

Simon asked me “How much?”

I replied “A lot less than  you losing a date because she gazingly looks up into your eyes and sees nostril hair hanging down and decides to bail!”  Sold! We took care of his ears too.  Now he is all set for his date and is done playing walrus for another month!

Do you do get some male grooming?

A lot of men here in Winter Park, Florida do get their chest or back hair removed but forget the little things like the nose hair or the hair protruding out of their ears.  When I wax these areas, I am only waxing the hair that is visibly hanging out of those orrifices and not removing hair that “needs to be there” filtering out bacteria that goes way up into the nostril or down into the ear canal.

So how can I help you with your male grooming in Winter Park, Florida?

I wax all sorts of men, from straight men, gay men, married men, cyclists, airline pilots ….. nobody is excluded from waxing (unless of course you have no hair that needs removing!)

Why should I do any male grooming you might be thinking?

A lot of women like their men to be smooth or to at least take care of certain parts of their body that has excess hair…even if it is just a hair trim.  Living in Florida amongst the humidity obviously makes you sweat more and the less hair that you have the sweeter you will be!

So come in and see me today for some male grooming and a game of Walrus, here in Winter Park, Florida!

Take a look at my price list here and give me a call or send me a text and let’s get to know each other!

Male hair removal Orlando

Remove your nose hair today!

Nancy’s lash lift story…

Meet Nancy! This is her story about why she wanted a lash lift.

Nancy dislikes wearing makeup or mascara,  but she would still like to look like she has made ‘some effort’ in this area. She likes to get up in the morning, drink her coffee, jump in the shower and get to work. *Ain’t got time for makeup nonsense* so today she came for a lash lift and lash tint with me here in Winter Park, Florida.  A service that’ll lift and darken her lashes making her eyes pop!

Nancy is a middle aged lady that loves life and embraces whatever gets thrown at her.  She works full time in an office and when she isn’t working, she loves to treat herself.  Good for her.

Life is too short to meet your marker and say “I wish I hadn’t had all those beauty services”… said no one ever!

At least once a month she gets a massage and a facial from us here in Winter Park, Florida.  She is not a big talker when she gets services done and I appreciate that.  This is her time to unwind so I keep the chat to a minimum, follow her queue and allow her to just relax.

Her eyelashes were visibly different. Her lashes on her left eye were quite thick with lots of wiry greys but with a reasonable length. Her lashes on her right eye were sparser with a few greys and a shorter length than on the left. No problem. One side of the body is always different than the other. I can braid my daughters hair with a part right down the middle and one braid is considerably thicker than the other…..anyway…keeping on point.

Why did I use 2 different sized eye pads with this lash lift?

I used 2 different sized pads on her eyelids, so that once finished both eyelashes to the viewer will look like twins.

I suggested that we do a blue/black lash tint to make the blue in her eyes pop. I also tinted the bottom of her lashes as in my humble opinion I think it looks kind of weird if the top lashes are tinted and the bottom are albino.

The processing time for the tinting was a bit longer than usual as I wanted to make sure the greys were saturated. Greys can be tricky buggers to tint at times.

After an hour everything was about to be relieved and the curtain was lifted!

I apologize if my before and after angles are not that great in the pic. I am working on it! Judge free zone please! 🙂

Nancy loved them! She gave me a hug! Did I tell you that I like hugs?

After care for lash lifts.

I told her as I tell all of my clients to avoid water around her lashes after this service for 24 hours.  This includes steam rooms, saunas and hot yoga!  She doesn’t go into chlorinated pools, so the lash tint will last about a month. The lash lift should last about 6 – 8 weeks. But I will see her before then for a facial and will check em out and reaffirm that she is still as delighted with her, “coffee, shower, wash and go” look!

Lash lift in Orlando

shower wash and go look!



*my notes* … Processing time was 14 minutes then 12 minutes and 8 minutes for the tinting.  Small and medium.

Toxic wax pot cleaners and why I won’t use them.

Toxic wax pot cleaners and why I won’t use them.

Most Estheticians want their waxing pots to be as clean as possible and it is preferable that we keep them clean in between clients.  Some Estheticians prefer to do one big clean up at the end of the day, I prefer to do it as I go along.  I don’t like my clients walking in the door for a facial or a waxing service and to think that I am a hot, sloppy mess!

In the U.S  you would receive a heavy fine iff State Board came to visit you in the middle of the day and your wax pot looked like the one below.   Plus I think my clients would also question my sanitation practices!

dirty wax pots in Orlando, florida

When you use a toxic wax cleaner you will see in this picture below that the solution did actually burn a hole in the glove on my thumb and the smell can be very over powering!    The solution can enter the pores and who knows what this can do to your innards!  It is also too toxic for my clients. After all they are their to improve their health and well being otherwise they wouldn’t be in a Spa.  They are not there to be inhaling toxic cleaning products that many Estheticians use in their Spa’s.

clean wax in Winter Park, FloridaI wrote a blog here on what product I now use in my facial and waxing room that keeps my wax pots looking clean all day long, without having a toxic aroma in the room that both myself and my client inhales.