FAQ for lash lift and waxing clients

Lash Lift FAQ

What is a lash lift?  A lash lift is a popular service that uses a keratin perm solution to lift the natural lashes while I place them into a fixed position.

Do I still use a lash curler after the service?  No, there will be no need to use a lash curler as the perm lifts the lashes as if you had used a curler, but lasts for 6-8 weeks.

How long does a lash lift last?  The process should be repeated every 6-8 weeks, as the lashes will start to fall and grow out around that time frame.

What are the benefits to having a lash lift?  It creates a sustainable curl that does not fall throughout the day as with lash curlers. They create a more noticeable length and definition in your natural lashes.  It gives you a more youthful appearance and saves you time since you don’t have to wear mascara unless you prefer too.

Do you do lash lifts on men?  Absolutely!  I offer the service to anybody that has lashes.  Regardless of your sex, sexuality or race.  The LGBT community is welcome!

Can I apply mascara to my lashes after a lash lift?  Yes, however if you apply mascara immediately after you cannot remove the mascara for 24 hours unless you use oil to remove.

Can I go swimming after a lash lift?  Your eyes need to be away from water for 24 hours following a lash lift. This includes showering around the eye area, hot sauna’s, steam room, hot yoga or excess sweating.  After 24 hours you can go swimming, yes.

How long will it take to apply the lash lift?  The application process for a lash lift is normally around 45 minutes.  I do take my time with every client to make sure you get the best treatment possible.  It can take me up to an hour.

Can I get my eyelashes tinted with a lash lift?  Absolutely!  A lash tint with a lash lift looks amazing.  This can be done during your lash lift.  You will just need to mention this when you schedule your appointment, so I can add an extra 10 minutes into your service time.

Is the process painful?  The application process is pain free and relaxing.  Most clients fall asleep during the procedure.

Are you licensed, insured and certified to do lash lifts?  Absolutely, I am certified in lash lifting!!  I didn’t train by watching a DVD or by taking an online class.  I physically jumped on a plane to Beverley Hills in California from Orlando and took an extensive all day, hands on class working on human models (not doll heads) to better serve my clients.

Can I get a lash lift if I have lash extensions in? No.  But you can get extensions following the lash lift if you did desire.  Most don’t, but you are safe to do so.

I have very sensitive eyes that water a lot.  Can I still get the lash lift? I would suggest you come in for a consultation where I will perform a patch test behind your ear.  If you react to the patch test within 48 hours, then lash lifting isn’t for you unfortunately.

How often can I get a lash lift?  Every 3 weeks if you wanted too.  I wouldn’t advise it before 3 weeks…but you will find at 3 weeks you still have the same curl and probably shouldn’t need to re-do so quickly anyway.

Can I schedule an appointment for this week at your place in Winter Park, Florida? Please text or call me at 949 378 3621 to check my availability.

What if I wear contacts?  It’s best if you come to the initial appointment with glasses on and put your contacts back in when you get home.  Unless you come wearing your contacts and bring your contact case and solution with you to keep them in while you get the procedure done.

I am nervous about having it done.  That is understandable, especially if you have never experienced it before.  But I do take my time with each client and make you as comfortable as possible with this pain free treatment.

Lashlifting in Winter Park

Waxing FAQ

How does waxing differ to shaving?  Shaving takes the hair off bluntly at the skin level, causing it to grow back quickly and bristly.  Waxing pulls the hair out by the root, taking longer for the hair to grow back again, resulting in a smoother look for longer.

I take Accutane.  Can I still get waxed?  I am sorry, you cannot be waxed if you take Accutane.  Accutane thins the skin which can cause skin removal when being waxed.  You have to be off Accutane for at least 4 months before you get waxed.

I take a topical Retin-A product from my doctor. Can I get a face wax?  Sorry, I cannot do any face waxing if you have applied Retin-A in the last 7 days.  Your beautiful face is too sensitive after using Retin-A and can result in lifted/torn skin if waxed.

I am on my period, can I still get a bikini or a Brazilian wax?  Yes, if you are wearing a tampon.

I shaved a week ago, will my hair be long enough to come in for a wax?  Sorry, your hair needs to be about 2-3 weeks of hair growth from shaving.  About the size of a grain of rice (maybe a bit longer)

Is it true that if I get a Brazilian for the first time, not every single hair will be removed?  I try my best using hard wax to make sure that all hair is removed.  Sometimes it is hard to remove every coarse hair that has been used to being shaved.  The more you wax, the more your hair grows back finer and fluffier, resulting in an easier hair removal process.

What do I wear when I am getting a Brazilian?  Knickers are removed.   You can keep your socks and shirt on though! 🙂

What do I wear if I am getting a basic bikini wax?  You can wear a pair of your old knickers or I have disposable ones that you can wear.

Is there anything else I need to know before I come in for a wax?  Try to avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol.  Drinking either of those can thin the blood making you feel more sensitive.  If your period is due in the next day or two, you also might find that you are more sensitive to being waxed.  Not only do we feel emotionally sensitive around this time but also physically.  Come in comfortable, loose fitting clothes if you are getting a Brazilian wax.  Putting on a tight pair of jeans following a Brazilian or leg wax can cause chaffing, ingrown hairs and might just be uncomfortable.

What aftercare do I need to be aware of?  Exfoliate your skin regularly following a waxing service of the body.  Use a Japanese wash cloth or a loofah to keep the skin exfoliated.  This helps prevent in-grown hairs.  If your skin is dry without exfoliation or moisture, the hair when it starts to grow back will struggle to push through the dead skin cells, causing it to turn inwards into an ingrown hair.  Keep your skin, exfoliated, smooth and sexy!

When can I come in for an appointment to your place in Winter Park, Florida?  Please call or text me at 949 378 3621 to schedule an appointment.  I like to get to know your needs before the appointment to better serve you.  I prefer scheduling this way rather than my clients making an online appointment until we have got to know each other.

I am getting married May 15th when should I come in for a wax?  I would suggest we chat on the phone with what you need waxing and schedule an appointment for you depending on what you need waxing.  I would suggest generally 5 days before you get married is the best time.

Why do people get a Brazilian wax?  Some ladies feel sexier with no hair down there or with just a strip left.  It also increases the sensation during sex. It increases it even more also if both partners have had a Brazilian wax. Some ladies feel cleaner especially when they are on their period if they have no hair down there.  It is all personal preference.

What if I break out after having a wax?  If you know that you have sensitive skin and are prone to breaking out I will ask you this before your appointment.  I will use a high frequency machine over any area that I have waxed to lessen the possibility of you breaking out.  If you leave and do break out, you can always pop back in and I will blast you with a high frequency machine.

What is a high frequency machine? It is a machine that will improve the skin’s complexion leaving it oxygenated and rejuvenated.  It kills bacteria, speeds up the healing process and helps reduce redness after a facial or after a wax.

What kind of wax do you use?  I use strip wax for sensitive skin on large body parts and I use hard wax on sensitive areas, like underarms, bikini, facial waxing.

What is the wax that sets like rubber?  That is hard wax.  Hard wax, shrink wraps around the hair causing less damage to the skin.  If the hair isn’t removed the first time, you can go over the area one more time.  This is applied much thicker than strip wax.  You allow the wax to dry then quickly peel the wax off taking the hair bulbs with it!  No strips are needed when using hard wax.

Do you wear gloves when waxing?  Yes!  After you have been waxed you have open follicles.  To avoid cross contamination from myself or from the client, I do wear gloves.  Bacteria can be spread from hands that have an infection into the follicle or vice versa.

Do you double dip the wax stick back into the pot once you have touched me with it?  Oh gosh NO!  Wax doesn’t get hot enough to kill any bacteria or germs.  If I was to wax a clients lady garden and I kept going back into the pot with the same wax stick, pubic hair or traces of dead skin cells, can go back into the pot and sit there festering amongst the warm wax.  So NO I don’t double dip any wax stick back into the pot!   I wouldn’t like an Esthetician to give me a lip wax when earlier she had been double dipping the same wax stick into the pot during a previous Brazilian wax client!  Watch out at the nail salon for double dipping…it happens and shouldn’t!

Do you wax men? Absolutely!  I offer the service to anybody that needs hair removal.  Regardless of your sex, sexuality or race.  The LGBT community is welcome!

So there you go my lovelies…I hope I have answered all of your questions!  If not feel free to shoot me a text and we can chat in more detail.