How a facial is like taking your skin to the gym.

How a facial is like taking your skin to the gym.

Having a facial with a competent professional,  is like taking your skin to the gym for a workout with a personal trainer, but without doing anything physical that works up a sweat and results are shown immediately afterwards.   What is there not to love about that?

You can put on the best dress money can buy, but if you are not in a shape, it will look like the dress is wearing you, not you wearing the dress.  Think of a potato dressed in a toga.  Not a good look is it?

Some professionals like to describe cosmetics for the skin in terms of clothing.  No amount of cream or facial products that money can buy will make you look amazing if the underlying dermis of the skin and the facial muscles that define your face have been neglected.   The purpose of this blog today is to help you understand that it is not just the surface skin and the slapping of skin care products onto your skin that should be your focus when it comes to facial routines.

The food that you consume

and the supplements that you take as well as the facial products you use should all be part of the program if you want luscious, glowing skin.  I will consult with you and give you some guidelines as to how you can improve your skin from within.   Additions to your diet such as mineral water, more vegetables and fruits.  Vitamin C and E and coral calcium are very important for beautiful skin.   If you have to take dietary supplements we can discuss these also.

Maybe your face seems to be less firm than usual?

This is the job of your Esthetician (me) to understand your concerns so that I can better serve you during your facial.   I consult with all of my clients about any concerns that they have.  If they share with me that they feel a sudden lack of firmness I will focus on lifting the muscles during the facial massage and use a facial machine to help plump up the skin by pushing product into the skin as well as using massage techniques to improve the overall appearance.   The client will be given some facial massage techniques to use that he/she can practice at home whilst they watch TV.

The skin sags because the muscles underneath lose the strength to keep it in place.  We cannot get away from the aging process as we age.  But having regular facials will absolutely help take years away from you and improve the texture and appearance of your skin if you take care of it.   I am here to help you take care of your skin in my facial room during your facial and when you are at home, as applying skin care products isn’t enough to cope with the problem.   Exercising the underlying muscles to prevent sagging and wrinkles whilst treating your skin to repair any damage you might already have will be significantly noticeable to yourself and others.

Please read a blog that I wrote recently on the benefits of having an LED facial with me.

I explain briefly how NASA created this machine to help astronauts heal quicker in zero gravity.    Maybe this kind of machine is what I will do on your face during your skincare treatment in my facial room here in Winter Park, Florida.  As this kind of facial doesn’t just focus on the outside but gets down deep into the skin with its light beams!

I am sure by now you are contemplating booking a facial with me

… if you are, then head over to my client service page and text me today!    Ask about any specials that I “might” have going on.  I don’t always post them on my website and I might wake up that day and decide to reduce my facials by $10 that day …. Just because!

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