Is a lash lift for me?

Hello lovelies!

Meet Desiree.  Desiree is a single Mom of 2 active boys that are heavily involved in before and after school activities!

Due to Desiree meeting herself on the way back from a soccer practice or an early morning school drop off, she finds little time for herself.  Of course she wants to look like she hasn’t just rolled out of bed and not made an effort, but she does want to look like she has made a ‘natural’ effort to look good.   She wants to look good, not just for others, but more importantly for herself.

Some nights she doesn’t sleep that well and tosses and turns thinking about all the bills that need paying and if she is being a good enough Mom.  Can you relate to that feeling?

Why a lash lift will suit Desiree …

A lash lift suits Desiree and her lifestyle because quite simply she just doesn’t have the time or the inclination early in the morning to get up and do her makeup.  But she still wants to look marvelous!

One night a week she goes out with her girlfriends after rushing home from soccer practice, to put the dinner in the oven for the boys and to get herself ready before the babysitter comes.

A quick cat lick of mascara …

Is it all it takes to give her newly lifted lashes some oomph!  Mascara isn’t needed, but is needed if you want to give the appearance of having thicker lashes if you are going out for dinner and want to look like you have an ‘evening’ look.

What does a lash lift do?

A lash lift lifts your natural lashes into a fixed position using a keratin solution,  making your eyes pop!  It opens up the eyes and makes you look more awake!  Great for early morning starts.    A lash lift doesn’t add lashes to your existing lashes, like lash extensions.  It lifts the lashes that you already have ‘up’.

So having a lash lift every 6-8 weeks is great for those who don’t have the time or the money to have lash extensions.  It is also great for those clients like Desiree who want to take care of themselves, by improving their appearance, but without the high maintenance of having to go in for fills, like you do with extensions.

Meet Desiree!  What do you think?   Are you ready to book your lash lift appointment here in Winter Park, Florida?

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Is a lash lift for you?

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