Lash lift before and after in Orlando!

As promised following on from my other blog post about fantastic lash lifts in Orlando,

I am here to show you the first of many before and after pictures of a lash lift.

But due to the high maintenance of having extensions with having to go get them filled every few weeks and with having a low budget due to being a full time college student, I persuaded her to try the lash lift.

We lifted her eyelashes and I applied some black tint to the lashes before we removed the keratin solution.   Unfortunately we couldn’t wax her brows as she is on Acutane, so she gets them threaded instead at a threading studio.

As you can see the lift and the tint really brought out the green in her eyes and widened her eyes, making her look more awake!

She doesn’t have mascara on and If she does decide to wear it when she has applied some makeup, a quick cat lick with the mascara brush is all that is needed!

She left with instructions on home care for lash lifts.  Nothing major…just keep your eyes away from water for 24 hours.   This does include excess sweating, sauna’s, steam rooms etc.  After 24 hours she is good to go to do as she pleases until she comes back to see me for another lash lift in approximately 8 weeks.

The picture below is of a student that used to get lash extensions.

lash lifting in Orlando

A lash lift before and after

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