LGBT Spa treats in Winter Park, Fl!

Of course the LGBT community in Winter Park, Fl need Spa services just like straight people do, why wouldn’t they?

I received a text message from a client named Keith yesterday, asking me If I did lash lifts.   I text him back and said that I absolutely, do do lash lifts and would be happy to schedule an appointment for him.   He responded with “I am a man, though, is that OK?”.

I was taken aback a little bit.  Not because it was a man asking for a lash lift, but taken aback that we still seem to live in an age where sadly people still feel that there might be judgement from somebody in regards to who they are or what they choose to do with themselves or with their lives.

Now Keith might not have been gay. He might have been a straight metro sexual man wishing to enhance his lovely eyes, so I didn’t jump to any unnecessary conclusions, but Keith did go on to tell me that his partner might also want to come in and get his lashes done also, if he liked what he saw.   Obviously they were gay.  That is fine with me!  Felt kind of weird to think that he might be thinking I would be wigged out by that. Anyway …

I responded back to him with a message that went along the lines of …

If you have eyelashes, skin or body hair I can offer you a service to enhance your physical and emotional well being, regardless of your sex, your sexuality, your race or your nationality, so C’mon in Tiger and let’s get lifting some lashes!   I welcome all of the LGBT community!

He was taken aback also and sent me a short brief message …

“Are you sure you service clients in Winter Park, Florida?  Was kinda thinking it was swaying a bit on the “Trump” side of the world, LOL!”

His comment did make me pause to think.  I am pretty new to Winter Park, Florida after moving from England then California 18 months ago.  California is much more liberal and I have noticed some differences with the mind set of ‘some’ people here in Winter Park.

Anyway the moral of my story is ….

I don’t like to discuss politics with clients, but I do like to offer lash lifts, facials and full body waxing services in Winter Park, Florida to anybody that has the body parts to offer me! 

So how can I help you today to feel better about yourself?

Shoot me a text or phone me after looking at my menu and FAQ on lash lifts and waxing and I hope to see you all very soon!

LGBT spa treatments in Winter Park, Florida

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