Nose waxing is not just for men!

Nose waxing is not just for men in Winter Park, Florida!   Admittedly, yes most of my clients that come in for a nose or an ear wax are male.    But recently I have been noticing more and more female clients during a facial or during a regular face wax that have hair hanging out of the nostril itself.    Of course I politely point this out to them and inform them that this pesky nostril hair can be all gone within 2 shakes of a lambs tail, a wooden stick and some warm wax!,

Is nose waxing in Winter Park, Florida safe?

You bet it is!   I only wax the inside corners of the nostril where the hair is protruding out of.  Hair that is way up in the nostril is there for a reason and protects you from bacteria and dust particles.  The hair that is way up there that you see when you tilt your head back is the hair that stays!   I only wax the hair that is hanging visibly lower than the nostril itself.

More women are in need of this service, especially over the age of 40.  For some reason we grow hair in places we just don’t want it too.  Nostril hair is one of them!

Does nose waxing hurt?

No it really doesn’t!  I wax it in very small sections if this is of a really big concern to you.  Smaller sections with smaller sticks will still remove the hair but they will be removed a few hairs at a time.   The majority of my clients say it feels like a band aid being removed for about 2 seconds, then they are excited to see a hair free nostril!    I apply a bit of witch hazel with a cotton bud afterwards and you are good to go!

Try it….once you try it you will never go back to having a troll nose, I promise you!

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