Quick facials in Winter Park, Florida!

Do you get to nap on your lunch break?  Meet Mary.  Mary likes to come in for a quick red LED light facial in Winter Park, Florida on her lunch break and to take a nap!

A 45 minute facial with a luxurious mask and under the red LED light for 30 minutes!

What is a red LED light?

Led lights were made famous (not by Kim Kardashian) but by NASA.  They used the lights to heal astronauts.   When astronauts were in zero gravity and they had an injury, the red LED light healed them.  Zero gravity has a negative affect on the skin and the bones.

What does a red LED light do for my skin?

Firstly they are not dangerous because they do not contain UV rays.  LED therapy is very simple as they work by penetrating the skin with high energy beams.  The rays tunnel into the skin, jump starting internal processes.   This can be anything from circulation to more collagen production.  So in a nutshell they heal from the inside out.

During this quickie facial here in Winter Park, Florida you will be under the red LED light for 30 minutes.  During this time I will be massaging your decollete and your hands as the led light helps the luxurious mask absorb into your skin.

Mary, as well as many other clients that come in for this 45 minute facial love to take a nap and are so happy with the results they sometimes come in every week!

Results in the appearance of your skin happen much quicker if you come in more than once a month.

Expected results with this 45 minute facial.

You will notice less redness, more of an even skin tone.  A younger more youthful glow.  Less fine lines and wrinkles.  A nap and of course, no down time, meaning you can skip back into the office after your nap looking as fresh and dewy as a daisy!

Contact me here for pricing on this wonderful treat for yourself or a loved one!

Facials in Winter Park, Florida

Nap during this red LED light facial!


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