What wax do I use during my waxing classes?

waxing pots for wax class

One thing I love about teaching private wax classes is that I can teach my Esthetician students to work with as many different waxes as I can get my paws on and as many as my table will hold!   I am not affiliated with any waxing company so I don’t represent or try to endorse any one wax in particular on a regular basis or during private wax classes to my students.  I like to provide companies with my feedback and  the feedback I provide is not just based on my opinion but it is also based on the students opinion and also the models opinion.    I sometimes get comments like  “great smell” or “oh, that one feels heavy on the skin” or “why does this wax keep breaking off?”.    I try to work with waxes that are from the lower end price point to the higher end price point (without telling the student which is which) and let them play around on different body parts with each wax before we begin the actual wax class.

So, I have decided to keep you updated once a month with a blog on which wax was voted the best by a random student that I select out of a hat once a month!

My last student really liked this Azulene,  blue hard wax  that we played with at the weekend.  It is to be applied at a very low temperature and is applied thinly.  Because of the high concentration of beeswax the melting temperature may be lower than other waxes, so you need to make sure your wax pot is set to the lowest temperature.  Like all waxes, we should always check the temperature of the wax on the wrist before applying it to the client.  I liked the consistency of this wax also and I liked the fact that it went on thin (almost like paper) with great elasticity, and it was very, very fast cooling which greatly helped her pick up speed.   The smell certainly wasn’t offensive like some waxes I have tried and the model didn’t have any complaints.  I also found that the ‘free edge’ for using to remove the hard wax was easy to release.  Some students find that some waxes can be hard to remove hence the reason I wrote this other waxing blog a while back.


Nicole only used this wax whilst she was doing Brazilian’s as it was not cost effective during the class to be applied on other body parts, such as legs, back, chest etc.   I am more of a soft wax girl when it comes to waxing these areas.  But If the student requires tuition in this area, I am more than happy to discuss prior to the class itself.

Here is Nicole Adams who enjoyed working with this wax!

waxing class

All smiles holding her waxing certificate

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  1. mrs chase March 8, 2013 at 3:20 pm # Reply

    I teach high school cosmetology. I have always struggled with the waxing unit. I usually demo the entire procedure on a model, have students take notes, we watch a variety of dvd’s on waxing etc. The students learn well, but the issue is the timid students. Is there some sort of way to practice with the wax that isn’t on a live model? At least for the first few times?
    I am searching for some hints on teaching to these rather shy students. thanks!

    • Claire March 9, 2013 at 9:08 am # Reply

      Hello Mrs Chase. Good question. The timid/shy students are the hardest to deal with, I agree. But in all honesty it sounds like you are doing great regardless. The shy person will probably never venture into the world of waxing once graduated and will prob stick with facials or hair cutting. It takes a certain person to become a good confident waxer. This takes practice and of course maturity. But in answer to your question: Do they practice on each other or bring in their best friend or boyfriend to practice other body parts first? They must each receive some sort of basic bikini wax to know how it feels also….they should also practice on each other. Get down to their level and understand the terminology that they use (slang words) for things, so you teach in humour. I always teach regardless of whether they are shy or not with humour. Make them laugh to make them feel less self confident. Draw diagrams on the board being very matter of fact. If they pick up that you are nervous (not saying you are) then they will be nervous. Hope this helps? My DVD launched a few weeks ago and beauty schools are given a heavy discount for it. It is designed for beauty school students and with humour. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Good luck.


      • mrs chase March 10, 2013 at 4:51 am # Reply

        thanks Claire!
        Yes, usually I have a few students who are not afraid and do well, usually 5 or 6 students (I have 60 this year!yikes) What I usually do is show a dvd (snore time for them) of course they do the book work and work book etc. They will have a project where they must create a booklet of sorts with all different types of brow shapes. then I will do a demo on brows. Our course is for students who are cosmetology which we are not required to do anything other than facial waxing. But I do have students who will go on to Esthetics after graduation!!
        After my demo on a live model I have the students pair up and then I have them draw with ink pen two parallel lines, curved like a brow and then they have to apply the wax between the two lines and remove with strip. If they use too much wax then the ink will also be removed.
        Most are fine with this and enjoy this practice. But it is very difficult to get them to do each others brows. Like I said I usually have 4 or 5 that are not afraid and do well with brows. It is the timid ones that are my issue…..
        Brows are much harder to do than legs….
        I would love to have more info on your DVD discount for schools???

      • mrs chase March 10, 2013 at 4:53 am # Reply

        Oops forgot to mention when they draw in ink they draw on each others arm or top of hand!
        Mrs Chase

        • Claire March 12, 2013 at 4:45 pm # Reply

          Yes, I agree brows are harder to do on each other when practicing…but your idea of drawing on the top of the hand makes perfect sense and should help. You will be very lucky in a class of 60 (yikes) to please everybody and to get everybody to enjoy, feel confident and be happy with all aspects of the Cosmetology program. What State are you in? Please email me about the discount for beauty schools. claire@twigsandberriesbook.com.

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