Why we wear gloves when we wax our clients..

As we enter the room and our client is lying there with the towel over him or her, clean and wiped down from the baby wipes — we then put on our latex gloves. We do not remove the towel, take a peek, and then put on the gloves.  I strongly suggest putting your gloves on ‘before’ you remove the towel that is guarding the jewels.  Why before?

Good Lord what is THAT?

Think about this — if somebody was to remove the towel from your bits, take a peek, and then put on the latex, you would be thinking “hmmm, do I look like I have something going on down there that needs the latex?” So, before you engage in physical contact with your client, out of professionalism, please do this.  You will actually be surprised as to how many technicians don’t wear gloves during waxing as they find they get in the way, get sticky, and just annoy the heck out of them.

Again, think of the gynecologist.  They should have their gloves on before they remove our paper sheet, and they certainly don’t go touching our downstairs Lady Garden without gloves on.  Neither should you! Latex gloves protect us from diseases, blood spots, and Hepatitis C.

Latex gloves also protect the client. The nails, no matter how short they are, are a wonderful source of bacteria. The most common  bacteria found under the nail bed is called ‘staphylococcus.’ It is nasty and can cause various skin diseases, including ‘impetigo,’ which is extremely contagious and spreads very quickly.  Impetigo occurs when there is a break in the skin, but can also occur if there is no visible break in the skin. Bacteria enters and grows there, causing inflammation and infection. Blisters occur and fill with pus; it is very unsightly and can be pretty painful.

When the hair is pulled from the root, it is very susceptible to infection. Wearing the latex gloves helps eliminate as much of this as possible. Blood spots can also occur with any type of waxing, which is a good, enough reason in itself to wear gloves.  If you do find your gloves get a bit sticky whilst waxing, sprinkle a bit of baby/corn powder over them, rub your hands together, and it will help with the tacky feeling.  Hopefully, you won’t be on such a tight budget that a fresh pair can’t be replaced also.

Even though we are wearing gloves when we wax, it is also a good idea to double check that our immunizations are up to date. As Aestheticians work so closely with the skin and sometimes use sharp implements like lancets* during facials (*depending on the State you are licensed in) it’s advisable to have a Tetanus Shot, and a Hepatitis A and B shot.  Unfortunately there is no shot available at the time of writing this book for Hepatitis C.

Hepatitis is a virus that is found in infected blood, semen, vaginal fluids and saliva. The disease causes liver damage, long term disease, liver cancer and death.

If an Aesthetician waxed me wearing gloves, I would also consider going to see her for facials, if she did indeed offer this service.  If she didn’t wear gloves and tried to introduce me to a new facial service she was offering with a wonderful discount, I would most certainly refrain from taking her up on her offer.  Who knows how many Lady Gardens, or Twigs and Berries she had touched that day!?  As Aestheticians we all know to wash hands before and after every new client, but I don’t want to take the risk, in case it just ‘slipped’ her mind!   

Protect yourself and your client when waxing!


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